Iowa’s New Gift To Comedians

hat tip to earlg at democraticunderground

hat tip to earlg at democraticunderground

As I sit here listening to Stephanie Miller Iowa is getting some great publicity. We are once more home to a candidate that is so out of touch, so out of the norm, so crazy that the nation is taking notice. This time it is not Steve King. King has been relatively quiet so far. As a side King has said more than enough in the past that Jim Mowrer can point to easily to prove King is way outside the norms of America.

This time the national notice comes from the candidacy of Joni Ernst, the teabagger, soldier, teabagger, mother, teabagger and Iowa state senator who never comes to work. To say she has extremist views is the same as saying the Koch Brothers have money. Based on Joni’s pronouncements and tweets it sure seems like she is much more interested in getting some of that Koch brothers money rather than votes of Iowa’s citizens.Well, actually, it is beginning to seem like the Ernst campaign will bring Iowa and the nation a two Ernst yuk fest. On one hand we have Joni herself calling the mass murders at the University of California in Santa Barbara an “accident.” Then we have Joni erasing a tweet expressing some relief that fellow soldier and POW Bowe Bergdahl had been freed after the anti-Obama crazies in the Tea Party decided that freeing an American POW was (for the first time in history) a bad thing. Can’t get that Koch money if you say something that in any way can be interpreted as saying something good about Obama.

Ernst made a big flap about the use of a chick in a Braley ad, showing that the Ernst team would not stand for anything, anything that would smack of sexism. But they failed to check in house and have embarrassingly had Ernst’s husband, Gail, caught posting a couple of flat out sexist posts on Facebook. A recently discovered post by Gail called former Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano a “traitorous skank.” A previously discovered facebook post called Hillary Clinton a “hag.”

These were not posts that were of a momentary nature. No, they were both posted well over a year ago. Thus Joni had plenty of time to have read them and raised hell with her husband. Were they truly so “appalling” Joni had 13 to 14 months to explain the offending nature of such posts. The fact that they stayed up throughout her long campaign makes me think she is quite new to the world of of what is offensive language. And it wasn’t like she didn’t have time, since she seldom showed up for her job as a state senator.

The saddest thing about is that someone so demonstrably in the extreme of national politics has a real chance to become a real live United States senator, someone who will make decisions that will drastically affect our lives. We know Ernst desires to see Social Security ended, we know that she is against a minimum wage, she is also against the Clean Water Act and the Farm Bill. In short she is out of step with Iowa but in full lockstep stride with the Koch brothers and the extremist right wing of the Tea Party.

If this wasn’t so serious, I would laugh.

AND AS IF WE NEEDED A REMINDER THAT YOUR VOTE COUNTS: The unbeatable Eric Cantor fell to the unknown David Brat in a primary. If that can happen, it is pretty obvious that if enough common sense minded voters do not vote, Joni Ernst could become a US senator.

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