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TV With The Sound Off

Chyron – an electronically generated caption superimposed on a television or movie screen. Although it’s often used generically, it actually comes from the name of the company whose software allows television producers to add those crawling words, phrases, and images … Continue reading

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Protecting Our Columns Of Democracy

Nicholas Johnson is a hero of everyone here at BFIA.  Over the weekend we attended a reading of his new book at Prairie Lights book store in Iowa City.  Scroll down to the video below to view the entire reading … Continue reading

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A Guide To Trumpspeak And Bring Back The Fairness Doctrine

I do not like putting a Trump image on our blog, but I saw this meme on Bring Back The Fairness Doctrine’s Facebook page and it is a good illustration of how things are. Trump came to power because we … Continue reading

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Right Wing Propaganda Machine Goes After Green New Deal

If you get a chance to ask a candidate a question between now and the Iowa caucuses, why not find out how they think we’re going to govern/get anything done on climate change or anything else when Fox News and … Continue reading

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Why Not Occupy The Corporate Media?

As long as you’re out there, OWS, why not throw corporate media into the mix? As soon as you’re done with Wells Fargo and Bank of America, why not head over to General Electric, Walt Disney, News Corp., Time Warner, … Continue reading

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