Redo on Samantha Bee’s History of “Pro-Life”

abortion should include men

Last week we had the insane passage of copycat laws around the country with the express purpose of the de facto stoppage of legal abortions. Iowa, which was once a national leader in things like education and non-partisan selection of judges now has leadership that prides itself on being the leader in this insanity.

The Republican (now Trumpist) Party has spent the best part of nearly 45 years making abortion into an issue solely for the purpose of using it as a way to raise money and scare voters into voting for them. They care little to nothing about the children they are forcing to be brought into the world. Nor do they care one whit about the woman giving birth. They are merely a vessel for carrying the fetus. Neither have much use to Trumpists after the birth.

How do we know? Well, there are several pretty obvious holes in what they want.

For one, if cutting down on abortions were the true goal, then the obvious approach would be to cut down on unwanted pregnancies. Making birth control easily available and either free or very low priced would be the logical thing to do. Since Trumpists refuse to even discuss birth control. It is pretty obvious that cutting down on unwanted pregnancies and thus abortion is not the goal.

The goal is to force women to have the child as a punishment for the sin of having sex. In extension, the child is forced to potentially live in poverty or other undesirable living situations for the sin of being born to a woman who had sex. 

The second reason that we know that the Trumpists are not serious about the abortion issue is that if they did care about the life of the mother and child pre-natal care would be cheap or free and easy to access. Yet the Trumpist Party continues to fight tooth and nail to return our health care system to a purely for profit system. To do that they have targets on ending the ACA, Medicare, Medicaid and even changing the VA to a profited system.

Thus if you are a pregnant teen who is in or near poverty even today access to health care can be limited. And to make sure it is, along with the abortion restrictions often come bills cutting money to Planned Parenthood that have the effect of cutting access to Planned Parenthood clinics for those who need them. Planned Parenthood’s focus on women’s health make them next to impossible to replace. 

The third reason we know that Trumpists are not serious about saving the children who may be aborted is the path the Trumpets have laid out for them after their birth. Is it a life of good health care, nutrition and education as you would expect given the emphasis the Trumpists have put on getting that child born? Are you kidding?

A child born in in this forced birth situation is much more likely (as noted above) of living in poverty with inadequate health care, nutrition and education with the attendant problems all those situations create. In short the Trumpists focus is on getting the child born with little health care access for the mother, and then after the baby is born it is on its own. Any problems will then result in punishment for the mother.

It only therefore follows that the old days of back-alley abortions or self administered abortion attempts will once again rear its ugly head with all of the horror they bring with them.

If Trumpists were serious about children and mothers birth control would be easily available, pre-natal health care would be free and accessible to all, and the family would have good health care, education and nutrition. This would be the goals of a truly sane pro-life movement. The guys are just out to punish women for having had sex.

And as we will see in Samantha Bee’s little history here – abortion is mentioned in the Bible 0 (zero) times. So when someone tells you God bans abortion in the Bible, you know they are lying.

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