Identity Politics

In case you missed it, Samantha Bee shows how misguided those who blame “identity politics” as the reason for Democratic losses in November.

Republicans are horrible at governing but they are great at advertising and twisting words. As Samantha Bee notes in this video what Republicans have twisted into “identity politics” is what Democrats have called civil rights for decades. Republicans create terms and then define them so that when they speak, they create a certain desired response. They have trained half of the American voters the way that Pavlov trained his dog.

Much like Reagan’s “welfare queen” evoked an image of of a black woman with a slew of kids driving a Cadillac with money she got through our welfare system, today’s code words are meant to evoke racial stereotypes and fears. “Identity politics” evokes an image of Democrats working only for minorities or women to get their votes in return for getting free stuff from the government when Democrats are in power.

Like most everything else Republicans say this is a lie. But repeated often enough by folks who are groomed and presented to be trustworthy on a medium that people have been trained to trust (TV, radio, newspapers) and the lies are taken to be true.

Democrats still believe that straight talk using real words should be understood by educated citizens. This helps explain why Republicans are at war with public education.

And of course if you can’t fool the people all of the time, then you must suppress their vote.

Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 3 million votes. Most likely it would have been considerably more, maybe more than double that had Republicans not suppressed the votes in over 20 states. This was probably the biggest single factor in Democratic losses yet the least talked about major story in politics today.

Iowa can expect some form of voter suppression laws to be enacted by a legislature that is overwhelmingly Republican and a governor (either one that is in office) that has the morals of a gnat. Look for the elderly, citizens with Hispanic surnames and students to be the targets.

Look for columns going into greater details on voter suppression in the new year.

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