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Future Proofing The Presidency

The Boston Globe has dropped its paywall to allow readers to read their very important series “Future Proofing The Presidency.” In this series the Editorial Board of the Globe examines the major flaws and weaknesses in the constitution and in … Continue reading

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Saturday Twofer: Internet Trolls And The Real Lesson Of Ukraine

I ran across two stories this week that offer some positive outlooks on a couple of bleak issues in our society today. The first is a TED talk from journalist Andrew Marantz discussing the bizarre world of internet trolls. The … Continue reading

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Friday In Iowa: Nixon Resignation

Forty years ago today, Richard Nixon announced his resignation as president. It was a good day for the country. Here is video from the CSPAN archive. http://static.c-span.org/assets/swf/CSPANPlayer.1405958893.swf?pid=8664-1

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Impeachment History Lesson

People who seek to impeach President Obama should understand he will serve his whole term. The wingnuts among us believe if something can be thought, it can be said, and if it can be said, it can become law, so … Continue reading

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The (five o’clock) Shadow KNOWS

Dear Folks, There is a terrible, unmistakeable irony here. Wednesday, Aug. 21, will be last release of Nixon’s secretly recorded white house tapes (from irony of ironies nixon library in yorba linda california) AND sentencing of Bradley Manning in suspicious … Continue reading

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