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Statement By Our Last Real President Barack Obama

npr.org/2020/05/29/865295468/obama-on-george-floyds-death-and-the-maddening-normalcy-of-racism I want to share parts of the conversations I’ve had with friends over the past couple days about the footage of George Floyd dying face down on the street under the knee of a police officer in Minnesota. The … Continue reading

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Obama Spreads Calm, Endorses Biden

Please enjoy a voice of calm and reason, a momentary relief from the daily insanity.  Then we all get to work. November is coming.  https://joebiden.com/

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The Story of America

A message from the 44th President of the United States Barack Obama: It’s no secret that I’m a big believer in hope and change. But I’m also a big believer in reality. Hope that is not rooted in reality will … Continue reading

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Kaul: Obama Speech Is Our Century’s Gettysburg Address

OtherWords “Donald Kaul has written columns for half a century, beginning with a long stint at the Des Moines Register that made him a household name (in a good way) throughout Iowa. OtherWords began distributing his columns in 2001 following … Continue reading

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Obama Is The New Godfather?

Somehow I got on the John Bolton email list and one thing I know from the experience is the former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations doesn’t care for the way foreign policy is going these days. This guy was … Continue reading

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Impeachment History Lesson

People who seek to impeach President Obama should understand he will serve his whole term. The wingnuts among us believe if something can be thought, it can be said, and if it can be said, it can become law, so … Continue reading

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Obama Popularity Improves Along With Successes Of Obamacare (The Affordable Care Act)

http://liberalvaluesblog.com/2013/12/31/ December 31, 2013 — Ron Chusid The National Journal led with Barack Obama in their list of biggest political losers of the year, comparing his trajectory to that of George W. Bush. We have a very small sample of … Continue reading

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How The “Enlightened” Left Have Failed This Nation’s First Black President

I usually disagree with the “both sides do it equally” framework as far as the behavior of the left and right or of the two political parties. But on this topic, at least as far as the media punditry are … Continue reading

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