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Grassley, Integrity And Tom Price

Franken crushes Price on tobacco and corruption (8 minutes) As one of the worst nominees in the worst cabinet ever proposed, Rep. Tom Price stands out. Not only because he opposes most of the programs his department is supposed to … Continue reading

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Great Examples Of Why The Internet Must Remain Free

Would We Have Heard Of These Without An Open Net? Boy, for a group of folks who spend most of their life pointing fingers and saying how much government sucks, Republicans sure can milk the the tax dollars for their … Continue reading

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A Few Words On Dennis Hastert

Bribery by ALEC in Georgia uncovered by the press last week. (starts at 0:18) The story is just beginning to emerge from the Justice Department of the corruption that J. Dennis Hastert undertook as Speaker of the House from 1999 … Continue reading

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More Branstad, More Legal Problems

Remember Jack Hatch running for governor making the case that the Branstad administration was deeply corrupt? At that time we only had inklings of what should be the basis of hearings to come. Whole lots of shenanigans in the firing … Continue reading

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The Koch Brothers And The Obama Hate Machine

current.com/shows/the-war-room/blog/ Jennifer Granholm has a show called The War Room on Current TV How far do Koch Industries’ ties extend?  Here’s the complete list of Koch-funded organizations.  This list comes from Bill Press’ new book, The Obama Hate Machine:”   … Continue reading

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Besides Recall, Walker Has Other Big Problems

If Walker is defeated, he may still have a warm bed. Besides potentially being recalled, Scott Walker and his campaign and administration has quietly been the focus of a wide-ranging “John Doe” investigation. Seems there has been shenanigans galore  under … Continue reading

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SEC Destroys Evidence, Grassley Cries Foul

In the last couple of days revelations have come to light that the SEC has actually been destroying documents in cases that have come to a stoppage of investigation for various reasons. The story behind the destruction of these documents … Continue reading

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