The (five o’clock) Shadow KNOWS

John Shumaker

John Shumaker

Dear Folks,

There is a terrible, unmistakeable irony here.

Wednesday, Aug. 21, will be last release of Nixon’s secretly recorded white house tapes (from irony of ironies nixon library in yorba linda california) AND sentencing of Bradley Manning in suspicious highly corrupt Army court martial at Ft Meade, Md, home of nsa, for whistle blowing to the public about the immoral unjust U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

If Nixon can go on trial and be impeached and driven from office, surely the same Light of Justice will Shine upon Bush, Cheney, Rice Rumsfeld and Powell where they will be tried for treason, war crimes, will be found guilty and be sent to prison,
Free Bradley Manning!
I AM Bradley Manning,
for the People, for Peace and Justice,

John Shumaker

Last Nixon tapes to be released cover key period. REad the AP story here.

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