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Documentary Explores Human Welfare Side Of Factory Farms

New film documents Iowa’s battle with factory farms ICCI – Get ready for the Iowa premiere of Right to Harm at the Iowa State Historical Building on Wednesday, May 29 at 7:00 pm. The movie addresses the “human welfare’ side … Continue reading

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Why We Should All Boycott Factory Farming

“The disastrous impact of factory farms is not just on the animals abused there, but also on our environment, and even on our health. Read more about factory farms and the changes that you can make in order to have … Continue reading

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Is Factory Farm Hog Manure Guilty Of Trespassing?

BFIA editor’s note:  This group of Iowans is suing the DNR in an attempt to save our state from being destroyed by factory farms (CAFOs). If you would like to help, donation information is located in the text below. Please … Continue reading

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Meeting For People Who Oppose Factory Farms

Sharing is caring!  Action Alert from CCI: You’ve probably heard: following the construction of two massive slaughterhouses, Iowans are bracing for yet another factory farm influx. Over the last three months, Iowa Select has inundated North Central Iowa with plans … Continue reading

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“All We Want Is Clean Air And Water” Support The Moratorium on CAFOs (Factory Farms)

This happened at the state capitol this week.  Farmer Chris Petersen:  “Our beautiful state of Iowa is being sacrificed… for what?  for what?”   Please share this.

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Join The Factory Farm Resistance This Holiday Season

Please consider joining this action. CCI is leading the fight to save Iowa from becoming wall to wall CAFOs. Follow CCI on Facebook ### We’re ready to stand with you to build the movement for clean water, a factory farm … Continue reading

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Action Alert: DNR Factory Farm Rules Review

Action Alert from Iowa Citizens for Commuinity Improvement (CCI) The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) reviews factory farm rules once every five years. This is our chance to strengthen the rules and hold factory farms accountable! We need YOU … Continue reading

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Giant North Carolina Hog Corporation Picks Iowa To Ruin

ACTION ALERT FROM   IOWA CITIZENS FOR COMMUNITY IMPROVEMENT Ryan Pudenz is the lead representative of Prestage Farms in Iowa. Call him today at (515)233-8200 and tell him that Prestage Farms’ corporate hogs aren’t welcome in Iowa.  See below for more … Continue reading

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“That Family Doesn’t Matter” – Life Next to A Hog Confinement

“I didn’t even put in my garden this year.” You will need ear buds or headphones to listen to this video but it is incredible what you will hear. This woman describes stink so bad they can’t go outside, but … Continue reading

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Nixing Another CAFO In Johnson County

Ray Slach has applied to build another concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO) in Johnson Couty, this one with more than 2,500 hogs. He already operates CAFOs in Johnson and Cedar Counties, and the size of the proposed facility is big … Continue reading

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