Mark Your Calendar for Stop Factory Farms Lobby Day

Meanwhile back in Iowa.. here is an action alert from Iowa Alliance for Responsible Agriculture:

With the legislative session right around the corner, we wanted to make sure you heard that the Stop Factory Farms Lobby Day is returning on January 25th, 2023 at the Capitol in Des Moines.

As you know, factory farms pose a grave threat to the health of Iowans, impacting our air and water quality and harming independent farmers and rural communities. Iowans have been voicing their opposition for years, supporting legislation for a moratorium on factory farms since 2018.

In 2023, the Iowa Alliance for Responsible Agriculture is once again introducing legislation for a moratorium. After all, we’re fighting for an Iowa whose future is full of thriving rural communities, clean water, and a food and farm system that works for all!

And with a new set of elected officials, we need your help to show state legislators just how much support this movement has!


In preparation for the legislative session, we’ve also been holding meetings around the state to talk in depth about the history of factory farms, the harm they cause, and what we can do about it.

So far we’ve met in Grinnell and Iowa City, and we’re planning to keep the roadshows going, with the next one in Des Moines on January 14. But if you can’t make it to Des Moines, and missed the others, you can check out the recording from Iowa City here!

The legislative session starts January 9, so stay tuned for updates and ways to support the Moratorium bill this legislative session. But for now, we simply wish you a happy and healthy holiday season!

John Aspray
On behalf of the IARA Steering Committee

The Iowa Alliance for Responsible Agriculture is a coalition of more than 25 local, state, and federal organizations all committed to a common goal of demanding a moratorium on new factory farms in Iowa. Get involved directly with our member organizations listed below!

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