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Why We Should All Boycott Factory Farming

“The disastrous impact of factory farms is not just on the animals abused there, but also on our environment, and even on our health. Read more about factory farms and the changes that you can make in order to have … Continue reading

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Iowans Can Take Action For Clean Water

Action alert from Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement: In 2013, thanks to the de-delegation petition filed by Iowa CCI members, the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) agreed that Iowa’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) wasn’t enforcing the Clean Water Act … Continue reading

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Factory Farms Expose Nearby Communities To Fecal Bacteria

“A 2010 study by the National Association of Local Boards of Health, reported that animal manure contains more than 150 infectious pathogens that can harm human health.” I think what we all want to know is how much hog manure … Continue reading

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Francis Thicke Warns of Corporate Takeover of Organic Farming

keepthesoilinorganic/ We all suffered a terrible defeat for organic farming at the Jacksonville National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) meeting last week when hydroponics was welcomed into organic certification. At the end of the meeting, Francis Thicke gave his farewell address. … Continue reading

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Pork and Politics In Iowa 2017

Jefferson County Farmers & Neighbors, Inc. – JFAN Johnson County Supervisor Mike Carberry on organizing for better legislation and supporting public officials with backbone at the October 19, 2017 JFAN Annual Meeting, “Breaking the Grip of Corporate Agriculture on Rural … Continue reading

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GOP, Koch Money Focusing On Down Ballot Races

They know they can get what they want through Republican governors and GOP controlled state legislatures.  This is why in 2016 Iowa activists should be focusing on the state senate and house races.  Click  here for more info.  http://iowademocrats.org/about/candidates/ Translation: … Continue reading

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Nixing Another CAFO In Johnson County

Ray Slach has applied to build another concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO) in Johnson Couty, this one with more than 2,500 hogs. He already operates CAFOs in Johnson and Cedar Counties, and the size of the proposed facility is big … Continue reading

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CCI Schools Jack Hatch On Factory Farms

A note from Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement – Gubernatorial candidate Sen. Jack Hatch now has a better understanding of the impact factory farms have on everyday Iowans and their communities. On Saturday, nine CCI Action members took Senator Hatch … Continue reading

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Stop The King Amendment

From our inbox: Stop The Factory Farm Protection Act A petition to Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) Please join us in opposition to Rep. King’s Factory Farm Protection Act by signing this petition. There re 14,655 signatures.  345 signatures still needed. … Continue reading

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Report Links Antibiotics In Livestock To Human Deaths

sfgate.com [click here to see chart of how antibiotic resistance is spread] Washington — The Centers for Disease Control on Monday confirmed a link between routine use of antibiotics in livestock and growing bacterial resistance that is killing at least … Continue reading

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