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Help Track Manure Application Violations

from Citizens for Community Improvement  http://iowacci.org/ On Friday, December 21 the ban on manure application on snow-covered ground kicks in. Because of a wet fall (thanks climate change), a late harvest, and an early freeze, factory farms have been racing … Continue reading

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Local Activists Fight CAFOs In Johnson County

https://dailyiowan.com/2018/12/13/grannies-and-neighborhood-activists-fight-local-cafos/ The unhappy neighbors of two local factory farms have teamed up with the 100 Grannies for a Livable Future to protest [CAFO] operations around Johnson County. Over the years, he and his discontented neighbors on Oak Crest Hill Road … Continue reading

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Factory Farms Expose Nearby Communities To Fecal Bacteria

“A 2010 study by the National Association of Local Boards of Health, reported that animal manure contains more than 150 infectious pathogens that can harm human health.” I think what we all want to know is how much hog manure … Continue reading

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Shocking: Number of Iowa CAFOs Up To 10,000 Today From 722 in 2001

[Source: “Report calls for hog farm moratorium, new permit system,” The Republic, David Pitt, 26 Jan 2018 ] DES MOINES, Iowa — A new report on the rapid expansion of hog farms in Iowa calls for a moratorium on new … Continue reading

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Act Now To Stop Proposed 7,499 Hog CAFO In Allamakee County

*Note from BFIA: This petition is not available online. To sign a hard copy of this petition, see instructions below. Action alert from Allamakee County Protectors: Allamakee County is faced with another challenge! There is a large confined animal feed … Continue reading

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More CAFOs Are Coming – What Everyone Can Do

Jefferson County Farmers & Neighbors Joe Maxwell, Senior Political Director of the Humane Society Legislative Fund, addresses the role everyone can play in protecting our communities at the upcoming JFAN Annual Meeting More CAFOs Are Coming – What YOU Can … Continue reading

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Iowans Censored By Corporate Owned “Local” Newspaper

The editorial page of your local newspaper is where conversations can occur about local issues and a place where information can be shared neighbor to neighbor.  Local newspapers  are (or should be) the remedy to information polluters like Fox News … Continue reading

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Iowa’s Clean Water v. Factory Farms

The Sierra Club Iowa Chapter has waited since September 2007 when it filed a dedelegation petition with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to develop and approve rules requiring concentrated animal feeding operations … Continue reading

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Iowans Keep Up Fight Against Illinois Hog Factory

Coming soon to a neighborhood near you?  There is no fight more important than the one between regular Iowans and corporate hog factories.   Iowans are battling this intrusion every day in a heroic struggle to preserve our daily quality of … Continue reading

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Report Links Antibiotics In Livestock To Human Deaths

sfgate.com [click here to see chart of how antibiotic resistance is spread] Washington — The Centers for Disease Control on Monday confirmed a link between routine use of antibiotics in livestock and growing bacterial resistance that is killing at least … Continue reading

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