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New Polling Suggests Iowans Support CAFO Moratorium

A Rodger Routh video “Last year a proposal was put forth in the Iowa legislature to increase oversight of CAFOs and to place a moratorium or ban on construction of new CAFOs and expansion of existing CAFOs. 53% of all … Continue reading

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Iowans Can Take Action For Clean Water

Action alert from Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement: In 2013, thanks to the de-delegation petition filed by Iowa CCI members, the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) agreed that Iowa’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) wasn’t enforcing the Clean Water Act … Continue reading

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Art Cullen: “Agri-Chemical Cabal” Has Chokehold On Iowa

Please read and share this column by Pulitzer prize winning journalist Art Cullen, of The Storm Lake Times http://www.stormlake.com/articles/2018/05/23/how-much-more-manure-can-we-handle A rapid and significant expansion in swine facilities here and across Iowa — with unheeded calls in the legislature for a … Continue reading

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Factory Farm Teach-In

Factory farm teach-in with David Osterberg of the Iowa Policy Project Tuesday, February 6, 2018.  Follow Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement on Facebook.      #MoratoriumNow

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Factory Farms Expose Nearby Communities To Fecal Bacteria

“A 2010 study by the National Association of Local Boards of Health, reported that animal manure contains more than 150 infectious pathogens that can harm human health.” I think what we all want to know is how much hog manure … Continue reading

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Meeting For People Who Oppose Factory Farms

Sharing is caring!  Action Alert from CCI: You’ve probably heard: following the construction of two massive slaughterhouses, Iowans are bracing for yet another factory farm influx. Over the last three months, Iowa Select has inundated North Central Iowa with plans … Continue reading

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Iowa Needs CAFO Moratorium

This letter to the editor by Joan Olive of Spirit Lake, Iowa, appeared in the Quad City Times November 22, 2017. If factory farms are so safe, why is the Pork Producers filing suit to block a regulation requiring a … Continue reading

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Act Now To Stop Proposed 7,499 Hog CAFO In Allamakee County

*Note from BFIA: This petition is not available online. To sign a hard copy of this petition, see instructions below. Action alert from Allamakee County Protectors: Allamakee County is faced with another challenge! There is a large confined animal feed … Continue reading

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Spy Drones Expose The Horrors Of Factory Farms

The Citizen Drone Project – directed by Speciesism: The Movie filmmaker Mark Devries – uses spy drones to expose the hidden practices of companies that are putting the health and lives of everyday citizens in danger. Its debut investigation, Spy … Continue reading

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The Facts About CAFOs Speak For Themselves

CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation) proliferation is ruining Iowa. Jefferson County Farmers and Neighbors are fighting hard to save what we have left. Please share this article and help them get the facts out about CAFOs. jfaniowa.org Letter to Editor … Continue reading

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