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Is The Drought of Nuisance Lawsuits Against CAFOs About To End?

http://fairfield-ia.villagesoup.com/p/activists-hope-to-curb-confinements/1070162?cid=2401412 The Stephen Sondheim Center for the Performing Arts was full of energetic people Wednesday for the annual meeting of Jefferson County Farmers and Neighbors. The lower bowl and much of the second deck of the auditorium were packed with … Continue reading

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Help Is On The Way For Iowa CAFO Fighters

JEFFERSON COUNTY FARMERS AND NEIGHBORS, INC. P.O. Box 811, Fairfield, IA 52556 • jfan@lisco.comhttp://www.jfaniowa.org • 641-209-6600 Nationally Known Environmental Attorney Charlie Speer from Kansas City Creates Legal Team with Jefferson County Attorney David Sykes to Fight Problematic CAFO’s … Continue reading

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How Many Giant Hog Factories Does One State Need?

We didn’t read Doak’s piece because of cancelling the Des Moines Register after they endorsed Mitt for President and their chief political reporter mistook a paid political pundit for a news source. But this is a great letter to the … Continue reading

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Iowans Plead With CAFO Farmer To Spare Them

by Francis Thicke, reposted with permission.  Follow Francis on FB. Last night I witnessed an incredible hearing on two proposed CAFOs to be built near Batavia — totaling 10,000 hogs – in Wapello County. About 50 neighbors of the farmer … Continue reading

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