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The Gold Standard: The Medicare For All Act Of 2019

Got to thank Iowa Citizens for Community Involvement (ICCI) for this bit of good news I found in my inbox Wednesday evening: I’m excited to be in Washington D.C. today celebrating Rep. Pramila Jayapal’s announcement of The Medicare for All … Continue reading

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Opposition Vows Oil Will Never Flow Through Bakken Pipeline The Iowa Utilities Board (IUB) met yesterday and voted 2-1 to allow pipeline construction to start in areas where they have voluntary easements. Iowans have stood strong working to prevent the pipeline for months on end and we’re not … Continue reading

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Action Alert: DNR Factory Farm Rules Review

Action Alert from Iowa Citizens for Commuinity Improvement (CCI) The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) reviews factory farm rules once every five years. This is our chance to strengthen the rules and hold factory farms accountable! We need YOU … Continue reading

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Urgent: Act Now To Stop The Bakken Pipeline

November 12 is a critical day in the fight against the Bakken Pipeline and we need you there. The Iowa Utilities Board (IUB) will hold their public comment hearing where everyday Iowans will have the opportunity to share their dissent … Continue reading

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Let’s Stop The Bakken Oil Pipeline

There is more than one pipeline that oil companies want to build in the US. While the Keystone Pipeline gets most of the notice, another environmentally unsound pipeline is looking to dissect Iowa and spoil some of the world’s best … Continue reading

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Iowa Water Quality Public Hearings This Week

Here’s a note from CCI: The rule passed by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) two weeks ago brings Iowa closer into compliance with the Clean Water Act for the first time ever. But, it can be stronger, and … Continue reading

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Six Important Progressive Actions In Iowa This Week

From CCI: Dept. of Natural Resources factory farm hearings, Des Moines and Iowa City Last Thursday, we scored a victory when the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reported that our Iowa DNR is lacking in enforcement and regulation of factory farms … Continue reading

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Brouhaha Over Grassley Town Hall

There is a flap right now among some Iowa politicos about a Grassley town hall last week in Carroll where some members of Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement (CCI) are said to have behaved in an impolite manner.  A local … Continue reading

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Iowans March On Terrace Hill To Protest Branstad Agenda

Iowans March On Terrace Hill To Protest Branstad Agenda Accusing Branstad of “reverse Robin Hood policies, stealing from the poor to give to the rich,”  Iowa CCI members, union activists and regular people protested governor Branstad's pro-corporate, anti-people agenda Saturday. … Continue reading

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Iowa CCI Holds Statewide Convention

Iowa CCI Holds Statewide Convention Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement ( is holding its statewide convention this Saturday.  If you are not yet a member, consider signing up and registering for some amazing workshops.  Here's the info. from CCI:Click “Register … Continue reading

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