No One Is Above The Law?

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As we all know one of the basic tenets or perhaps one of the basic myths that undergird the United States claim of democracy and equality has been the idea that no one is above the law. No matter if that person is a person of wealth or a person of high standing due to some high public office or some religious standing.

Yet seldom has that ever been true in this country. Somehow, it feels like it has never been as bad as it is right now. Maybe that is because the internet gives us immediate breaking news. Maybe it is because the plethora of cameras in nearly everybody’s hands gives us almost immediate, unfiltered live actions of what really happened. No longer can police spin a narrative that no one else can confirm or deny so we must take their word for whatever.

It also seems that now there are those who consider themselves above the law and do not care how what they do looks or how it affects people. What are we going to do to them. Of course the first example that comes to mind is Donald Trump. Despite a monumental number of lawsuits and charges he just goes on committing more. 

Now Trump seems to have a competitor in the “I can do whatever I want and nobody will touch me!” sweepstakes. That competitor is Supreme Court Justice(?) Clarence Thomas. While Thomas is the main name in his corruption he is aided by his wife Ginni and multi-billionaire Harlan Crow.

Comedian Roy Woods, Jr. had a great line on the Thomas-Crow situation at the White House Correspondents Dinner last Saturday:  

Wood ripped on Thomas as he emphasized that billionaires like Crow “always come up with something new to buy.”

“This man bought a Supreme Court justice. Do you understand how rich you have to be to buy a Supreme — a Black one on top of that. There’s only two in stock and Harlan Crow owns half the inventory,” joked Wood.

“We can all see Clarence Thomas but he belongs to billionaire Harlan Crow. And that’s what an NFT is,” he added. 

There is an election coming but not for 18 months. At that time it is an absolute MUST that We the People stand up to those who have abused and corrupted our systems and institutions and throw them OUT. If we can’t throw them out directly we must elect people who will throw the criminals and ethics violators OUT!

Get registered and get to work. Here is a hint by the way – the violators all have an (R) behind their names to designate their party affiliation.

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2 Responses to No One Is Above The Law?

  1. A.D. says:

    When I post online, I try to spell out/explain acronyms that some readers might not know. I had to look up NFT, and I guarantee that some others, especially seniors, would also have to do that. But it was nice to learn something new.


    • Dave Bradley says:

      Yep, caught me – I usually do that but was being lazy because I had so many other things to do – Thanks and lesson learned!


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