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While Your Attention Is Diverted ……

with the impeachment hearings our environment is taking another wallop from the EPA. As if that wasn’t bad enough a new report raises alarms about insect collapse.  The current administration is hard at work 24 hours a day 7 days … Continue reading

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Pockets Of Real Journalism In The Media

Lawrence O’Donnell and David Farenthold (5 minutes) Since the days of Ronald Reagan, corporations have had a goal of owning and controlling the disseminators of the news media in this country. To this end, they have purchased TV, radio, newspapers … Continue reading

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David Cay Johnston Makes Me Mad

I am listening to an interview on the internet radio (WCPT in Chicago) between Ed Schultz and David Cay Johnston. Johnston makes me mad. He makes me mad because he is the one person who has been chronicling just how … Continue reading

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