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Iowa Woman Arrested, Charged, Tried, For…Voting

When we have to rely on the national cable news media to give the appropriate coverage to events happening right here in Iowa, it’s pretty bad. Thank you, Melissa Harris-Perry and MSNBC reporter Zachary Roth for covering this egregious incident.  … Continue reading

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The Problem Of Corporate Influence In Iowa

Thanks to Matt Sinovic of Progress Iowa for his exemplary work monitoring ALEC’s activities in Iowa. http://progressiowa.org/progress-report ALEC WATCH: New Report Details Corporate Influence in Iowa By Progress Iowa To take action or ask questions about ongoing ALEC activity in … Continue reading

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How To Flip The Koch Party

  Have you ever heard of ALEC?  The Koch Brothers?  If  you answered yes, it’s probably because of the folks at the Center for Media and Democracy.  Read their story then decide if you feel they are worth supporting. by … Continue reading

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Is ALEC Behind Push In Iowa Legislature To Gut Clean Energy Policies?

Matt Sinovic Executive Director | Progress Iowa Groups Expose Assault By ALEC Fossil Fuel & Utility Members on Clean Energy and Environmental Regulations Through the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), fossil fuel and utility interests are pushing a comprehensive agenda … Continue reading

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Iowa Democrats Demand Removal From ALEC Membership List

http://iowahouse.org/iowa-lawmakers-to-alec-we-are-not-members/ Iowa House Democratic Leader Mark Smith (D-Marshalltown) sent a letter to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) today denouncing ALEC’s claim that all members of the Iowa Legislature are members of their organization. “Last year, all 47 Democratic members … Continue reading

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Labor Update: Is Your Legislator A Member Of ALEC?

Dark Money Casts Its Shadow Across Iowa Article originally appeared in Iowa Federation of Labor News: http://iowalabornews.com Americans usually associate large cash flows with lots of bling. But when it’s political money masquerading as grassroots politics, the result is much … Continue reading

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Which Two Iowa Lawmakers Have Pledged Their Loyalty To ALEC First Before Iowans?

ProgressIowa.org *BFIA post updated 10:41 am 12/5/13. In documents released about the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) yesterday, it was revealed that Senator Bill Dix and Representative Linda Miller, as Iowa state chairs for ALEC, were asked to pledge, “I … Continue reading

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Michelle Rhee Group Students First To “Increase Presence” In Iowa

ProgressIowa.org  has this: Out-of-State Special Interest Group Students First Hires New Director to “Increase Presence” in Iowa Students First has track record of supporting ALEC-Backed Education Proposals, Providing Financial Backing for Conservative Candidates, Involvement in Cheating and Anti-Gay Controversies DES … Continue reading

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Pathetic Media Not Properly Conveying What ALEC Is

Not only have the media not properly conveyed what ALEC really is if they do talk about it which is extremely rare, but they are also not mentioning ALEC when it would make perfect sense to.  Even the “liberal” media … Continue reading

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Why Is It So Hard To Find Out Which Iowa Legislators Are ALEC Members?

From ProgressIowa Rep. Greg Forristall Ignores Public Records Request, Claims All Iowa Legislators are ALEC Members Des Moines, Iowa — Rep. Greg Forristall ignored a request to release information about the May 2-3 meeting of the American Legislative Exchange Council … Continue reading

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