Branstad Vetoed Public School Money To Give To Private Schools

T.BranstadThe headline of this story,  Branstad Advocates for School Choice, makes it sounds like Governor Branstad is doing something good. Nothing could be further from the truth. Branstad is signaling his next move to dismantle public education. He is following the ALEC agenda to privatize everything, including education.

The article is about Branstad’s plan to lay the groundwork for further erosion of public school funding while directing more money for private schools.

DES MOINES | Gov. Terry Branstad touted himself as a champion for school choice Wednesday and pledged to try to boost funding next year for a tax credit supporting scholarships for low-income students attending private schools if state finances allow for an increased investment.

Branstad also told the group that funding for tax breaks to private K-12 school donors under the state’s student tuition organization tax credit has increased from $7.5 million in 2010 to $12 million now and he would seriously consider ACE’s request to boost it to $15 million in the fiscal 2017 state budget.

The GOP governor’s comments come at a time when public education advocates claim Iowa school children are being short-changed after a contentious 2015 budget session in which the Legislature forged a bipartisan plan to spend an extra $55.7 million in one-time money for K-12 schools, which Branstad vetoed.

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