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Testing Out Insurgency Tactics? 

Can’t help but look at what is going on in Canada in recent days and wonder if this is some isolated incident or is it another in a long series of acts of anarchy that are being used to probe … Continue reading

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Today: Treasonous Insurrection Part 2

In case you missed it, today is the followup to the January 6th treasonous insurrection. No one seems to to have any idea what to expect. Congress made a prudent move and took this weekend off. If we have groups … Continue reading

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Feenstra, Miller-Meeks and Hinson Vote For Insurrection

Maybe I am taking their votes in the wrong way, but it sure seems that having had months of watching Trump do all he can to undermine our democratic processes to maintain his hold on power, and then after seeing … Continue reading

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Hardly A Surprise, Was It?

I have no idea why anyone was surprised that the current President of the US lead an insurrection against our government Wednesday. He has been calling for the insurrection for weeks. His calls for violence against the system have been … Continue reading

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