Hardly A Surprise, Was It?

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I have no idea why anyone was surprised that the current President of the US lead an insurrection against our government Wednesday. He has been calling for the insurrection for weeks. His calls for violence against the system have been pretty blatant and specific. 

He has been setting up the scenarios for an action against the government from the day he took office. Making statements to the effect that an election he doesn’t win must be rigged. Coupled with that as president he went after the press to delegitimize anything they wrote that in any way was negative about him or his family or minions.

Throughout his four years he has called for violent responses or supported violence when it occurred in his favor. Who can forget his support of the White Power demonstration in Charlottesville, Virginia? Remember his “There were good people on both sides” comment? 

The manifestations of his own personal assault on our government took many forms. America has been held hostage while it has seen all sorts of institutions dismantled or made ineffective through executive action(s). These have included an all out assault on our environment, our education systems, public housing, election systems even one of America’s most revered institutions – the US Post Office.

His assault against our country also manifested in who he pursued to favor or disfavor in international relations. Our nations had very warm relations with international scoundrels such as Kim Jung Un, Vladimir Putin, Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro, Turkey’s Recep Erdogan, and the Philippines Rodrigo Duarte. At the same time we have openly been at a war of words with traditional allies Germany, France and Canada. 

Policies have had violent overtones. Think of the border policy that takes children from their families and then houses them in cages. Perhaps one of the most inhumane policies ever fin the world let alone the US. Immigrant policies are violent especially against brown immigrants.

Access to health care is another area where the president has used policy to exact some revenge against the poor and those of other races. Even as I write this, the SCOTUS has heard a case to invalidate the Affordable Care Act. This case was brought to the Court with the blessing of the president after Congress passed a bill to keep the ACA viable. The president even broke all the norms for appointing a new justice to tip the balance against the ACA, bringing Amy Coney Barret to the Court in record speed.

Of course the corona virus policy has been used as a weapon on the poor, old, black and in strange shot democrats. The President’s obstructionist coronavirus policy was a weapon he used against his own country.

So why should anyone have been surprised when his believers massed in Washington on the day he told them to be there, January 6th? And why should anyone be surprised when this mob followed his order to stop the perfunctory certification of the electoral college vote by Congress?

As he has all his life, Trump was only doing what Trump does, ruining everything he touches and leading a pack of fools to do his bidding. He told us over and over he was going to do it.

But the real story behind Trump has been the acquiescence of the Republican Party all along the way. Throughout the past 5 years – including the campaign year – there were many, many places where men and women SHOULD have stood up and told Trump to stop. But not a one did, for five years. Mitt Romney has given some very token resistance as it looks as if Trump’s power is waning. Too little, too late, Mitt.

The Republicans could have reigned him in, but to a person they were cowards when courage was needed. They shrank and cowered. 

Remember this next election. What Republican can you look to show courage when there is a true threat to our democracy? We have just had a systemic threat to our democracy in Donald Trump who tried every trick even up to a “burning of the Reichstag” moment to hang on to power. Republican politicians from the courthouse to Congress enabled him.

Senator and Governor will be the two leading offices up for election in 2022 in Iowa. Chuck Grassley has been little but a lickspittle for the Trump administration. Here is a man who could have made a difference but instead slunk away.

Kim Reynolds’ totally irresponsible corona virus leadership as she tried to please Donald Trump rather than saving Iowa lives has been at best disgraceful. 

2022, will Iowa continue to support Trump and his policies by re-electing these two?

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