Seriously Ernst?

What do you call an unsuccessful insurrection? A rehearsal

The US Senate voted on a measure Tuesday January 26th concerning the constitutionality of impeachment charges being brought against Donald Trump for his role in the January 6th insurrection at the nation’s capitol. At least 5 people lost their lives in the insurrection and scores were injured. 

Donald Trump was still the president and would be for two weeks. He was involved in the insurrection at least to the point of making a speech just prior to the storming of the capitol. Expect that a case that his administration – for which he is responsible – was also negligent in their handling of the day’s events.

Ernst voted that the impeachment trial is not constitutional because Donald Trump is now a private citizen. He was not a private citizen at the time of the insurrection. At that time he was responsible for the actions of his administration. Suddenly when he leaves the presidency he is no longer responsible? What the Hell? 

During Trump’s presidency he was shielded from being brought to justice for some of his most egregious actions because of an little known opinion from some lesser light in the justice department 50 years back that a president could not be bothered by legal action against him while president. 

Based on that Trump had the amazing luck of not having to answer for illegal acts as president and the suddenly not being responsible for what he did as president as soon as he is no longer president. Hmmmmmm ….. looks like the classic “Man above the law” that could never happen in the US. 

Yet Joni Ernst believes Trump should be above the law and not be held accountable for his actions. Her logic is that since Trump is now a private citizen, constitutional rules do not apply to private citizens once they are no longer in office, even though the transgressions were committed while in office. That is twisted logic that rivals the twists in a double helix DNA strand. Got to wonder how many times she ran into herself noodling that one out.

Based on that, if your county treasurer is embezzling county funds their best move would be to quit and go back to private life. Based on Ernst’s logic, as a private citizen the former treasurer is no longer responsible for what the then county treasurer did as a public employee. I am guessing in Ernst’s world, the treasurer would get to keep the money too. 

This is a woman who is expected to make laws for the country. I can’t believe that Iowans took the measure of Ernst and Theresa Greenfield and decided that Ernst was a better choice.

Even more sad is that Ernst doesn’t think Trump had anything to do with the insurrection, despite tons of tweets, TV appearances and recordings that have Trump all but giving the final command to Charge!

From the Des Moines Register:  

U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst said Tuesday she doesn’t think the Constitution allows the U.S. Senate to finish the impeachment process for former President Donald Trump, now a private citizen.

Ernst, a Republican, said she would continue to weigh arguments from legal scholars on the matter, however. She also doubted that Trump’s role in instigating a mob to storm the Capitol, and not attempting to rein it in immediately, rose to the legal definition of inciting an insurrection.

“My concern right now is that the president is no longer in office,” Ernst said in a statement Monday night. “Congress would be opening itself to a dangerous standard of using impeachment as a tool for political revenge against a private citizen, and the only remedy at this point is to strip the convicted of their ability to run for future office — a move that would undoubtedly strip millions of voters of their ability to choose a candidate in the next election.”

As the little joke at the beginning of this post indicates, if those behind the insurrection are not held to account, it is almost guaranteed to happen again.

By the way, here is a very comprehensive timeline of Trump’s involvement and leadership in events leading up to the attempted overthrow of OUR government. 

Only 71 more months of Ernst’s steel trap mind and incredible leadership to go.

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