The Koch Brothers Really Do Care About Iowans

koch brothers own americaPlease view this important public service message from the Koch Brothers:

David and Charles Koch are generously spending millions of their hard earned (inherited) dollars buying anti-health care, anti-Bruce Braley advertising in our state because they have only Iowans’ best interests in their hearts, and care nothing for themselves.

Please believe that the billionaire bros are doing everything in their power to influence our elections because they truly care about you, and they are singularly interested in the health, prosperity and well being of every Iowan!

Do not be fooled by the “born here, raised here all my life” posturing of Bruce Braley!  You should instead trust the Koch Brothers to represent your interests and stand up for you.


bruce braleyYes, we were being sarcastic and now that you see what Bruce Braley has to contend with, please consider getting involved in Bruce’s senate campaign.  We cannot afford to lose Tom Harkin’s seat to a tea party candidate of the Koch Brothers’ liking.   Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Independent, Libertarian, Green Party or a patriotic cynic that doesn’t usually get involved with politics, surely we can agree on this one thing.

bruce family photo       bruce family photo 2


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