Trumpian apocalyse

If you are like our family, we have been doing much talking over the phone recently checking in on family and friends to be sure they are doing OK.

Among most of my friends and family I am the political animal. During normal times I have learned to put politics on the back burner when talking to them. For some reason it has been baked into our society that politics is not a go to subject for conversation. Thus I try to keep mention of politics to answering questions when someone asks me.

Things have changed in the past two weeks. The totally botched response to the corona virus pandemic in the US has suddenly made politics a conversationally open topic these days. While I still do not initiate the topic, I do gladly join in once the topic is breached.

So my friends and relatives have been more than happy to offer a phrase like “I can’t wait to vote that SOB out of office.” Or something like “I’d vote for anybody before I would vote for Trump.” That is usually just the tip of the conversation. Most everyone has a specific Trump complaint. Not all have to do with his botched handing of the pandemic, although most everyone mentions that.

They also ask the questions that are on most of our minds:

  • Where are the tests?
  • Where are the masks?
  • Whereis the protective equipment?

It has been over three months since the administration first heard about the coming pandemic. The administration has done little to nothing to help the situation.All we have really seen from the administration is constant attempts to blame others for their failures

The conversations almost always lap over into a comment such as “I could never vote for a Republican again.” “Their party has done nothing while Trump has ruined the country. You can’t trust them (Republicans).” While I have learned never to count votes until they have been cast, comments such as these are certainly encouraging.

What was also encouraging was the bravery shown by Wisconsin voters turning out in big numbers to resoundingly vote out judges appointed by Scott Walker at the state and county level.

So when I see Donny Corona on TV or hear his voice I change the channel or mute the sound. He is not welcome in our house. I am so sick of him taking all the available news space in this country.

Yet it is so comforting to hear folks I would never had guessed had such deep feelings saying such anti-Trump things. In these dark times it is giving me hope. And it seems as if the Trump effect is being felt in lower tier races, at least at the US senate and US House level. Here is hoping that Trump can take his party down all the way to the state and county level also.

Americans have always hated autocrats and oligarchs. We now have a prime example of what rule by the rich means. Essentially it means your life means nothing to them. However, we – you and I – have a super power that can finally render them powerless. We can organize and get the vote out. It has never been more important.

We have great candidates to vote for. Don’t forget that the primary to choose an opponent for Joni Ernst is June 2nd. According to my county auditor, Secretary of State Paul Pate will be sending out applications for vote by mail starting next week. Vote by mail ballots can then be sent in  – or you can vote in person at your county auditor’s office – beginning May 4th.

Use your powers!

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  1. Jim R says:

    Three cheers for all of what you said.


  2. C.A. says:

    I agree with Jim R — three great big cheers for what you said!!

    And credit should also be given to Kim Reynolds, not just for seriously bungling her response to the virus in Iowa, but for refusing, again and again, to explain why she’s doing it. There’s a new good detailed analysis on the Bleeding Heartland blog which was posted on Sunday 4/19/20. Warning, for others prone to teeth-gnashing — it might be smart to wear a mouth guard while reading it.


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