Vote Early Available Now!

We got our ballots on Monday. We voted at home Tuesday. Wednesday we drove to our county seat and put our ballots in the county’s deposit box. As we did this we observed  that business at that deposit box was pretty heavy for the middle of the day when we saw as many as ten people drop ballots in the box in the three or so minutes we were there.

What we saw was at the deposit box. Most likely there was also a line in the auditor’s office itself. The parking lot was full, which is also unusual. Looks like a huge interest in this year’s election.

Thursday we checked the tracker on the Secretary of State’s website to see if they had been received and entered.

By golly they had been checked in, so it looks like we have voted!

So let me say a couple of things about the process. Sorry if I sound like a recording, but I hope you know just how important your vote is this year.

First off, though it’s been said many times, many ways, HAVE A PLAN! If your are still planning on voting absentee it is time to get going.

Most of us have received several requests for an absentee ballots in the mail. If you haven’t, you can print one off from the Secretary of State’s website.  

Whatever you decide to do, get moving. The completed request needs to go to your local county auditor’s office either by mail, or hand delivered.

Some time in the next week or so, you should get an absentee ballot. Please read the directions before you vote.

After you vote be sure to put the ballot in the secrecy sleeve. Then put the ballot and secrecy sleeve inside the affidavit envelope. Be sure to sign the envelope! This is probably the single biggest mistake voters make.

Reread the instructions to verify that you have followed them. Once you are certain, seal the envelope.

Then you can either mail the ballot or hand deliver them to your county auditor’s office.

If you mail them, the post office recommends posting them before October 24th to give it plenty of time to get there. Remember, The Trump Administration has sabotaged the USPS as part of their plan to steal the election. The mail is till working, just much slower.

If you plan to hand deliver the ballot to your auditor’s office, I believe every county courthouse has a drop box. If you are unsure give the auditor’s office a call. County auditors are linked to from the Secretary of State’s website here:

You have plenty of time. Get going! This is the most important election ever.

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  1. A.D. says:

    Your voting schedule was just like ours — got the ballots Monday, took them to the county drop-box Wednesday. It feels great to have finished voting, and I hope many other Iowans are enjoying the same feeling or soon will. And the drive to the county drop-box was a nice chance to look at beautiful autumn trees and see a few hawks.


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