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Outfoxing The Holidays

Merry Christmas from Blog for Iowa and good luck!

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Fox News Staffer “Pro-Trump Thing Isn’t Working”

From Media Matters for America – mediamatters.org/blog/2018/06/04/fox-news-reportedly-having-difficulty-selling-ads Fox News in trouble: “The pro-Trump thing isn’t working” Fox News is reportedly having trouble selling ads for Sean Hannity’s and Laura Ingraham’s shows. One Fox News staffer told Vanity Fair‘s Gabriel Sherman … Continue reading

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Trump First Heard Of Kim Jong Un’s Nuclear Comments From Fox News

We first posted this video back in March of 2017.  Trevor Noah and The Daily Show did a brilliant and shockingly true segment, Who Is The Real President?  suggesting that Fox News is the “real” president because Trump gets all … Continue reading

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Fake News Machine Ready To Defend Trump White House Against Mueller

https://www.exposedbycmd.org/2017/11/08/fake-news-machine-defend-trump-white-house-against-robert-mueller/ Follow the Data One year after the election, a few data points on the barrage of propaganda and disinformation utilized in the 2016 campaign is finally becoming available. According to an Oxford University study of Twitter traffic during the … Continue reading

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Why People Believe Crazy Stuff

Weekly update from Media Matters for America.  Click here to sign up for the MMA weekly newsletter. Hoaxes spread immediately after Las Vegas massacre A lone gunman killed at least 59 and injured hundreds in Las Vegas. It took mere … Continue reading

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How Right Wing Media Makes White Supremacy and Neo-Nazis Seem Normal

Fox News and right wing media, including internet sites and talk radio are turning minds to mush.  If you would like to help fight the propaganda machine in Iowa, join this Facebook group:  Hogwash! Fighting the Right Wing Propaganda Machine … Continue reading

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