Fight Sinclair Broadcasting In Iowa – Call Your Local Car Dealerships!

Action alert by DU –

“I’ve worked in various forms of broadcast media. Trust me you want to hit Sinclair stations? Go after one major business category on the local level. Car dealerships. They spend the vast majority, sometimes upward of 30 to 40% of ad sales for TV and radio stations.

Car dealerships are VERY sensitive to brand name, protecting reputations, etc. You start a group calling, writing, social media posting about local dealerships supporting the sensational and fascist tactics of Sinclair stations.

Get to the GM and the Sales Managers. Heck go see them in person. They will take note and listen.”

List of all Sinclair Stations in U.S. here:

Iowa Sinclair Stations:

  • Cedar Rapids-Waterloo-Dubuque:
    • KGAN (CBS)
    • KFXA (Fox)
  • Des Moines-Ames:
    • KDSM (Fox)
  • Ottumwa, Iowa/Kirksville, Missouri:
    • KTVO (ABC)
  • Sioux City:
    • KPTH (Fox)
    • KPTH-2 (MyTV)
    • KMEG (CBS)
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