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pussy-grabber-trumpI am not the only one who has been saying all along that Donald Trump – now  president-elect pussygrabberinchief, (PGOTUS) – is just a media creation. Donald  provided cable news readily available, inexpensive to produce, sensational content, so we now have him as President-elect of the United States.  Unfortunately, they haven’t changed since the unthinkable happened last Tuesday.  They are still raking in obscene amounts of cash while selling America down the river.

This is an article by Thom Palmer on how cable news and mainstream corporate media gave us President-elect Donald Trump.  You can read the entire article here


by Thom Palmer

To the reporters, political directors, and commentators at CNN and MSNBC: You gave Donald Trump his only path to victory. Where Trump may be a Putin puppet, You, the mainstream cable news media, are Trump puppets. You allowed yourselves to be manipulated, cowering to Trump’s threats and were fascinated with his foul mouth and images of his great big airplane bouncing around. And now we’re going to make you pay the price for it.

I’m calling out Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, Chris Matthews, Jake Tapper, Chuck Todd

Todd, Brian Williams, Andrea Mitchell, Joe Scarborough, Mika Brezinski and all of the rest. All but one of these people more than likely voted for Hillary Clinton, but all bear the responsibility for Trump’s election along with the ensuing national and global disasters to follow.

Congratulations, you made a lot of money this election season, and at the same time screwed 7 billion people living on this planet… You have no right to ask what the Clinton campaign did wrong….You bear the responsibility ….

You’re still doing it, and it makes me sick. Every day, 24-7 you allowed proven lies to be told in front of millions. Equal time given to those who would savagely slander and politically crucify a very good woman, one far more experienced, educated and prepared to lead the nation. You perverted the First Amendment for corporate profit. True that you did a certain amount of push-back on many of the false claims made by Trump, his surrogates and Republican extremists, but you STILL allowed them back on your shows over and over and over, as if it were a valid debate. It was disgusting. I know that you didn’t actually want Trump to win. Instead, you wanted the race to be close, and keep controversy at the forefront, because the tighter the race, the more angry your viewers became, the higher the ratings and the higher the profits.

Trump had just one real path to victory, and it was YOUR willingness to cater to bigotry and hate, and cower when Trump said that you were rigging the election. You knew that there was election rigging going on, but also knew that it went in the other direction. You knew that when Trump said Hillary was a bigot, that he was covering his own bigotry through “projection”, and any decent Journalist could plainly see that the Trump campaign was working hard to manipulate the election through espionage and FBI tampering. You buried his many scandals and legal problems in favor of a close race. Instead of correcting the record by proving to the public once and for all that Hillary Clinton was in fact NOT crooked, was NOT going to end up in jail, etc., you chose instead to let them say it thousands of times on your news shows. News shows that have become tabloid news. With the exception of a couple of hosts, you are not much better than Fox News now. Congratulations. You pushed him over the top.

You, the media, knew of Trump’s legal battles. You knew he was the corrupt one….under indictment for racketeering and other cases. You knew that he lied to his followers over 75% of the time, and you knew that he is unqualified and uneducated. You knew that his lack of experience made him too dangerous a candidate. Yet, you gave him and his surrogates the megaphone. YOU gave them the ability to spread their hateful and xenophobic rhetoric. You were suckered by Trump, who put one of his top campaign managers (Lewandowski) on your payroll. He took you for fools, and you bit the apple. You gave a megaphone to FULL BLOWN FASCISM.

Stop blaming the Electorate

There is plenty of blame to go around for Trump’s electoral win. From the “Bernie-or-Bust” Democrats, to Gary Johnson and Jill Stein protest voters, to the seven million Democrats who decided that the election is too stupid to vote, to voter suppression as states with Republican legislatures have actively worked to cut down on voting precincts in highly Democratic areas, causing a certain percentage of voters to refuse to wait in a three hour or more line to vote, etc.

Blame Trump, Russia, FBI, WikiLeaks

You can blame the Trump campaign. Not for running a great campaign, because they did not. They ran a rag-tag, disorganized campaign with little grass roots effort. You can blame Trump and his Campaign Managers Paul Manafort and Steve Bannon working with Russians to commit espionage against the United States, giving hacked emails from the DNC to Wikileaks and Julian Assange for mass distribution. You can blame Trump and his campaign managers and surrogate Rudy Giuliani for conspiring with the New York office of the FBI, where some of his right-wing friends and former co-workers worked.

Stop Blaming Hillary

‘Hillary didn’t pay enough attention to rural white America. She didn’t defend the email controversy properly. She didn’t cater to middle America enough.’ Oh, just shut the hell up, Chuck, and take the responsibility for your own actions, and quit deflecting.

Media Manipulation

Being the Political Director of CNN or MSNBC, major sources of political information among many millions of Americans, means that you are responsible for content, truth, and true investigative journalism. Ratings MUST come secondary to truth if our democracy is to survive.

Corrective Action Required

You need to correct this, and fast. In two years, we expect you to TELL THE TRUTH. We expect you to use the First Amendment as it was intended. While it is true that it gives great latitude, and allows for stories of alien invasions, fake conspiracies and scandals, and pornography, YOU, the media bear the responsibility of getting to the truth, and having the best interest of America as your foundation. YOU FAILED…. AND YOU BETTER FIX IT.

Since you gave Trump the Presidency, it is now your responsibility, your job to….
Save Medicare from being dismantled
Prevent Trump from abandoning the Paris Climate Agreement
Stop the Keystone Pipeline from being built
Prevent Mexican Concentration Camps
Protect religious freedom across America and around the world
Protect the First Amendment
Protect the ACA
Protect Social Security
Heal the racial divides
Refuse to accept xenophobia
Refuse to accept sexual inequality
Refuse to accept sexual abuse

Democrats, who should be in charge of the Senate and White House at this point, will continue fighting for truth and justice, but you made the task so much harder through your greed and reckless reporting. FIX IT, and don’t tell us that it is not your job. You made it your job.

WE ARE GIVING YOU NO TIME TO THINK ABOUT IT, and if you don’t respond, we’re going to take you down. Better to have no news media than to have media that pushes misinformation for profit. In the meantime, it’s your responsibility to make sure the GOP doesn’t run us over the cliff. If you do not respond, we will protest. We will march on and boycott every damn one of your advertisers and bring you to your knees. This will be a sixty million person effort that you won’t be able to survive…. I promise.

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