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How Does America Protect Itself From 24-7 Propaganda?

Dave Bradley’s civics quiz will be back next Sunday.  Happy Mother’s Day! Propaganda works.  CNN/WSJ poll:  Half of Fox viewers say the Mueller report cleared Donald Trump.  The average for people who watch any other media is 16-17%.  61% of … Continue reading

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Former Fox News President: “It’s Not Healthy”

Listen to this podcast on NPR’s On Point https://www.wbur.org/onpoint/2019/03/08/trump-fox-news-joe-peyronnin-jane-mayer-new-yorker Former Fox News president Joe Peyronnin says the network is now President Trump’s “own press organization.” And that’s “not healthy.” Highlights: Why Fox is unprecedented Nicole Hemmer:  “Is it propaganda? A … Continue reading

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Outfoxing The Holidays

Merry Christmas from Blog for Iowa and good luck!

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Sean Hannity Is The Real President

It has been cast about that Fox News is the real president.  Actually, it appears to be Sean Hannity. Media Matters for America Since taking office, President Donald Trump’s relationship with chief Fox News propagandist Sean Hannity has been extensively … Continue reading

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Why The Country Is In Dire Straits

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Barack To Bill: “They Believe It Because Folks Like You Are Telling Them That”

I don’t always watch videos that are promoted as “watch so-and-so really nail Tucker Carlson” or “watch the liberal crush Ann Coulter,” etc…  It seems like every time I fall for it, it turns out the other way around. Not … Continue reading

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