How Sinclair Is Using Local News To Terrorize America

These are your local Sinclair stations in Iowa –  KGAN/KFXA Cedar Rapids-Waterloo-Dubuque-Iowa City, KDSM-TV Des Moines,  KPTH Sioux City and KTVO Ottumwa-Kirksville, MO.   Find out more about Iowa and Sinclair here  here  here.

Local news giant Sinclair Broadcast Group has been running a segment designed to gin up fear of Muslims, refugees, and immigrants. Media Matters fellow Pamela Vogel watched 200 “Terrorism Alert Desk” segments that aired on local news stations all across the country — and what she found was downright scary.

Sinclair uses deceptive tactics and misleading arguments to scare viewers. It ties ISIS into news events even if there is no connection. It fearmongers about “foreign” terrorists that lurk just around the corner. It cheers on law enforcement indiscriminately, hyping arrests even when no charges are issued. It touts anything deemed an anti-terrorist action, like walls being built around the Eiffel Tower.

But there’s one thing Sinclair’s terror segment usually avoids: Terrorism inspired by white nationalism, e.g. Charlottesville, rarely if ever appears. Instead, Sinclair’s strategy is all xenophobia all the time. And remember, this is not Fox News, whose viewers can tie the propaganda they see to the Fox News brand. Sinclair’s propaganda is hidden, instead run under the cover of the local stations it owns.

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