Pelosi Heads Off Distraction

Video 5 minutes:

Egberto Willis’s commentary is right on.

Pelosi’s comment that “As far as these platforms are concerned they want 2 things from the federal government – no regulation and no taxes” (at 1:38) perfectly describes the social media giants.

Don’t forget that Andrea Mitchell is married to Alan Greenspan. She helps with the distraction in her own little way.

Pelosi’s message is the message that our media should be hammering, hammering home daily. 100,000+ Americans have died already from the coronavirus pandemic due almost entirely to the incredible bad, some would say criminal, leadership of Trump. 100,000+. That is a city the size of Davenport – gone!

100,000+ in really just short 3 months. At this rate, and with the “reopening” of society we should be expecting huge numbers of deaths to come.

100,000+ – Got it?

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