The Only Woman In The Room

Pelosi said she believes she was saying at this moment pointing to Trump: “All roads lead to Putin.”

This documentary on Frontline, “Pelosi’s Power” felt slapped together and was infuriating most of the way through. It stuck closely to media narratives about her. And why they felt they needed to include observations about Nancy Pelosi  by  Frank Luntz who knows.

It also seemed to overly dwell on Trump’s victories such as Limbaugh receiving the medal of honor.  Like they wanted to rub  it in.  Lots of moments where you are forced to watch her Republican enemies blame her and call her names.  It repeatedly characterized her as “polarizing” because she knew how to play hardball with Republicans. Like Republicans aren’t polarizing.  Republicans tried to blame her for themselves not wanting to play ball on Obamacare and then voting against it.  When she knew they were never going to. And the rest of us did too.

To this day she has gotten little credit for being the only person in government who really stood up to Trump. And for that she was demonized even more.

The film just suddenly stops, like Thelma & Louise, ending in a quite depressing manner.  The documentary was hard to watch and didn’t do her justice. Waiting for someone to do a better one.

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