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Rude Pundit: Christ On A Crackpot

A Pair of Dangerous Speeches from the Attorney General and Secretary of State. When republicans talk about religious freedom, I reach for the whiskey. – Stonekettle If you are like me, the happenings of the past month or so have … Continue reading

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Barr Sucks Up Attention; DOJ Continues Assault On ACA

The eyes of much of the politically attuned folks of this country were watching William Barr lying, misleading and omitting in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday, doing his best to fill his role not as America’s top cop … Continue reading

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Pelosi Looks Very Concerned In Her Weekly Presser

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi seemed very concerned during her weekly press conference held on Thursday morning. The previous day, Attorney General William Barr made no pretense that he would protect the president at all costs, including lying to … Continue reading

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