Pelosi Looks Very Concerned In Her Weekly Presser

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi seemed very concerned during her weekly press conference held on Thursday morning.

The previous day, Attorney General William Barr made no pretense that he would protect the president at all costs, including lying to congress. Barr then followed that up by refusing to appear at a House Judiciary Committee hearing where he had been set to testify.

As we listen to Pelosi, we can hear the concern that she has for her country and for many segments of our citizenry.

During my reading this week I came across a phrase that pretty accurately describes the state of the Republican Party in this country today: Banana Republicans. 

Members of the once proud Republican Party have turned into a group of thugs that want to turn Americans against Americans and the country into governments of graft and corruption that are often described as banana republics.

Michael Tomasky wrote a rather ominous article over at   

“The Republican Party started life as a grand and admirable thing. Our anti-slavery party; our conscience. Its leader was assassinated, and in short order it became the party of Wall Street, and it remained that for a century, though it always contained within it conservatives, moderates, and even some liberals.

Then, starting in the 1980s, it lost the liberals. Then, in the 1990s, it started to lose most of the moderates, as right-wing issue and interest groups and Koch money began to define what constituted “conservatism,” pushing it ever-further rightward so that today it really isn’t even conservatism, but just a collection of grievances that they can use to piss off enough white people to stay in power.

Bill Barr came of political age in this period. He was a young, right-wing legal hotshot at the time of originalism, the Federalist Society, the rise of the right-wing arguments about a strong executive.


“It’s one of the greatest political quotes of all time, from philosopher Eric Hoffer; I’ve used it before and I’ll use it again: “Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket.” Barr and Graham were around I suppose to just catch the tail end of the movement phase. But mostly, they matured in Washington during the business era.”


“So after today, if we didn’t before, we see now with a new and oddly liberating clarity where this is headed. It’s 18 months until Election Day. They may well be the most consequential and frightening stretch in the history of the country, or at least since Reconstruction.”

This is a column well worth the short time it will take to read it. Tomasky really captures what has been going on that so many of us have been unable to articulate.

You may also notice that Democrats, including Speaker Pelosi, are the only ones making themselves available to the press in Washington these days.

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