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Looking To A Bleak Fall

The current president is doing all he can to pretend that America has been relatively unaffected by the corona virus even though the corona virus is almost central to most daily decisions made in this country right now. Think about … Continue reading

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Some Truth About Black Friday

We stay out of stores on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Turns out we are not unusual, many more stay away than go shopping. Friday after Thanksgiving has long been called ‘Black Friday.’ The rise of 24 hour cable news with … Continue reading

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Christmas Funday – A Short Quiz.

Let’s take it easy out there folks. The big day is here so let’s just have some fun. I have some questions – you have some answers, let’s see if they match. 1) Most major religions of the world have … Continue reading

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Sunday Funday – It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Well you knew I wouldn’t let Christmas go by without a quiz or two about it. We love us some Christmas around here. One of the things that we love most is the songs, both of the religious and the … Continue reading

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Christmas 2011 – To My Grandson

Josh, Your Grandmother and I have lived many years. Your life is just beginning. As I look ahead for you, I hope fervently that America and mankind as a whole ends the greed and the unsubstantiated hate that once again … Continue reading

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