A Story For Christmas

Who doesn’t enjoy a good funny story at Christmas. Last year I found a treasure trove of hilarious stories from a series called the Vinyl Cafe.

Some of you folks may remember Canadian story teller Stuart McLean who told stories of the owner of a record store called The Vinyl Cafe. The store was owned by Dave and his wife Morley who lived in Big Narrows with their children, girl Stephanie (teen) and Sam a preteen boy. McLean related stories weekly on the CBC. Before internet days, local public radio stations often carried his show.

McLean died in February of 2017. He left behind tons of stories. For the past couple of Christmases I have pulled up his Christmas stories. They have some small relation to experiences I think most encounter to some degree especially around Christmas.

This particular tale tells of the holiday party given by Dave and Morley’s neighbor, Polly Anderson. Relax and listen closely and experience a Christmas where things just seem to go awry.

23 minutes but really fun:

Take Care!

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