Sunday Funday: Last One Before Christmas Edition

Shelter Kitten gets all the presents (2 minutes):

Man, what a great gift idea a certain former president came up with for this year’s gift giving! An NFT of himself dressed up in kiddie playtime outfits. Only $100! Great for laundering money. Great way for that certain former president to avoid taxes. Another scam like all his other scams. 

What do I want for Christmas? A certain former president locked up with the key accidentally lost. The cell should be under the Rocky Mountains in Colorado with no possibility of parole. And a warm cell for all those who helped him in his fraud.

I will throw in some seasonal and Christmas questions

A) Iowa gets top billing today. A police chief of what small Iowa town used his office to obtain machine guns for resale in his and a friend’s gun store?

B) What is an NFT anyway?

C) Monday will be must see TV as what House committee meets for the last time?

D) Just a bit later this morning the World Cup comes to an end as what two traditional powers meet in the final?

E) Two charges of misconduct in office were dismissed against what former governor of Michigan in the Flint water crisis that started in 2014?

F) Why do people like snow men?

G) Due to a resurgence of covid, the White House is resuming what program?

H) After huge protests, China has relented on its harsh lockdown policies. As a result what major city is like a ghost town as residence as citizens self quarantine during a huge covid resurgence?

I) In St. Louis, Mo. a man opened fire in a KFC because what happened?

J) According to what popular Christmas song do “Strings of street lights, even stop lights blink a bright red and green”?

K) What Republican governor and presidential candidate is having vaccines investigated in his state because “vaccines cost lives”?

L) What leader of the US House had a portrait unveiled in the capitol Wednesday?

M) A district court judge failed to lift a permanent injunction thus keeping what legal in Iowa for the time being?

N) Rudolph the red nosed reindeer was created in 1939 as an advertising gimmick for what long gone department store chain?

O) According to the Commerce Department holiday shopping spending rose or fell during November?

P) President Biden signed what bill into law that should stave off SCOTUS attempts to roll back previous decisions in this area?

Q) Rachel Maddow’s podcast “Ultra” is headed for the big screen after what major Hollywood producer acquired the film rights?

R) The Christmas Mountains with individual peaks named after the reindeer, the North Pole and St. Nicholas are found in what country?

S) December 16, 1947. What basic electronics was invented (first revealed?) by Bell Labs?

T) Boxing Day is celebrated on what day in many former United Kingdom countries?

Germany just arrested 25 coup plotters. Brazil just arrested 49 coup plotters.

Donald Trump is still holding rallies to overthrow the government.

Make America Great Again! Arrest Donald Trump! – Captain Obvious tweet


A) Adair

B) Non fungible token whatever that means

C) The Special Committee for January 6th

D) Argentina and France

E) Rick Snyder

F) because they are cool!

G) sending free test kits to hime that request them

H) Beijing

I)  The restaurant ran out of corn

J) Silver Bells

K) Ron DeSantis of Florida

L) Speaker Nancy Pelosi

M) abortion

N) Montgomery Ward

O) fell by .6%

P) the Respect For Marriage Act

Q) Stephen Spielberg

R) Canada

S) the transistor (75. Years ago)

T) December 26th or the day after Christmas

Jimmy Kimmel: “If he ever runs short of wrapping paper, does [Barack] ever wrap the gifts in top secret documents he borrowed from the White House?” 

Michelle Obama: “We don’t have any … And if we had, I guarantee you my husband would be in somebody’s jail by now.”

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