Looking To A Bleak Fall

The current president is doing all he can to pretend that America has been relatively unaffected by the corona virus even though the corona virus is almost central to most daily decisions made in this country right now. Think about it. As you get ready to go to work have you incorporated taking along a pack of things that might come in handy such as extra face masks, hand sanitizer and maybe some disposable gloves?

If you are an old retired person like me, shopping now means going early, dressing with a face mask and probably disposable gloves. I have a specific list and I plan my path inside the store to minimize close interactions. If possible, I try to shop only in stores where masks are required. (Thanks to Costco. Also welcome Walmart and Target to the mandatory masking group.)

For us, any eating out is a drive up window situation only anymore. We are trying our very best to stay healthy during the pandemic.

Our years in this country are measured by events that mark certain parts of the year. This year since March, such events have not been happening. Memorial Day brings many of these markers of time’s passing. Community pools open. Schools let out. Community celebrations begin. None of that happened this year.

In July there is of course the 4th and community fireworks. That didn’t happen this year. That is closely followed by county fairs. Most of those have been cancelled and those that took place were cut way back. Summer then ends with the state fair. That was long ago called off.

Late August and early September brings back the school year and activities tied to the reopening. Will high school football take place this year? How about college football? So far the answer seems to be that sports will take place, but who knows how long it will last. The corona virus has not been contained and contact sports seems like an invitation to spread the disease.

Next we have Halloween. Will parents allow their kids to go door to door begging strangers for candy? This practice has been tainted with stories of misdeeds by evil folks for a while. This seems to be a year that trick or treating becomes no longer a part of Halloween. For that matter, even community parties may be too risky if the virus is till going strong.

What about Thanksgiving? The day before Thanksgiving has traditionally one of the biggest travel days of the year. No one is traveling now. If conditions are no better in November, why would anyone chance traveling? Going to see relatives could be chancy.

This could be a bleak Christmas also. For one thing, if congress (I mean Republicans specifically) don’t come through with money to sustain folks who are out of work or have closed their businesses, there won’t be any money for presents. In fact, many people may be looking for places to live if they have no money for rent or mortgages. They may also be worried about their next meal. By the time Thanksgiving and Christmas come around the economy may be headed for one of the worst Depressions ever.

Even if that doesn’t happen, travel will be a problem like it was at Thanksgiving. All the communal things that take place at Christmas will probably be greatly curtailed. Christmas programs at school? If school is open, singing in a group may not be very wise. Church Services? Once again, doing anything in a group may not be wise.

Christmas shopping may be relegated to internet only. Walking around in stores even with a face mask and gloves may be a dangerous adventure. That is often the time of year for flus and common colds. Shoppers may be hacking and sneezing all over. If corona virus is in the mix, even shopping for food may be risky.

Seems almost like a Twilight Zone period coming up. We had time to prepare and failed to. Based on our current behavior, I doubt we will do anything different in the near future. With the current leadership we have, why would we do anything different.

The president is pretending nothing is happening. Governor Reynolds imitates the president’s leadership. The Republican leadership in the senate has blocked any attempts that Democrats have passed in the House. We can truly expect that we will not turn anything around until leadership is changed in January.

By January we will be in such a hole it will take years to finally dig out. Remember how long it took the Obama Administration to dig out of the hole that George W. Bush left us in? The world was on the cusp of a massive financial meltdown. There is a very good chance we will be in a somewhat similar situation by January.

Be sure to request an absentee ballot and vote as if your life depends on it. It does. Download one to print off here or contact your county auditor, also listed here on the Secretary of State’s page.


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