Christmas Funday – A Short Quiz.

Let’s take it easy out there folks. The big day is here so let’s just have some fun.
I have some questions – you have some answers, let’s see if they match.

1) Most major religions of the world have some form of holy days around this time of year. Many believe this is due to the winter solstice occurrence at this time. What does the word “solstice” mean?

2) And bingo – the day seems non-existent. Here in south eastern Iowa about how much daylight do we get on the solstice? (within 1/2 an hour)

3) The Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer character was originally created as a coloring book for what department store chain?

4) “Frosty The Snowman” was a hit single in 1950 for what singing cowboy?

5) The tweflth day of Christmas also happens to be what feast in the Catholic Church?

6) Whew! Think it is cold here at Christmas? What is the temperature down near Antarctica, say Auckland, New Zealand?

7) Much of the Santa Claus legend is based on what Norse god?

8) In Russia, who is comparable to our Santa Claus?

9) Back in 1998 I almost got conked trying to buy what super-hot toy of the season?

10) Many can see the evolution of the name Saint Nicholas to Santa Claus. How then does the name Kris Kringle fit into Christmas?

Hee-hee. Relax. Santa already came, so if you don’t know the answers, who cares.
And don’t forget Monday is boxing day. That is the day all small kids and pets (especially cats) are put in boxes for the day so you can continue to relax.

Answers? why not?

1) Solstice means ‘sun stands still.’ In the Julian calendar it came on December 25th. The Gregorian calendar moved it to the 21st.
2) 9 hours and 9 minutes. drive to work in the dark and back home in the dark.
3) Montgomery Wards ( if you’re under 50 you may say “who?”)
4) Gene Autry
5) The Epiphany
6) It is around 70 since Summer is just starting in the southern hemisphere.
7) Odin – one big difference is that Odin dressed in blue fur
8) Grandfather Frost
9) a Furby – anybody remember them?
10) Kris Kringle comes EITHER from ChristKindl or Christkind(Christ child). Christkind was pushed by Martin Luther as the gift-giver in the place of Saint Nicholas OR from the Pennsylvania Dutch “Belsnickle” for “Nicholas in furs.” Either way Kris Kringle is now another name for Santa Claus.

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