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Lizard Crimson

lizard crimson my parole officer will be so proud of me sittin under mt Trashmore sippin lattes doin the macirena with all the political whores runnin for president in the iowa caucuses ah yes, they’re called the iowa cauci in … Continue reading

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Is It Possible To Fight Factory Farming And Retain “Iowa Nice”?

Say what you will about CCI, there is no other grassroots group that we know of fighting factory farms in Iowa.   Iowacci.org The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR)  issued a formal response yesterday to a July investigative report by … Continue reading

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Friday Food Talk: Why Is Pink Slime Still On The Menu At School?

Update:  This morning (Saturday) on Up! w/Chris Hayes they showed the Branstad video where he defends pink slime.  According to Branstad, it is the tone of the conversation that is poisoning us, not the slime.  Branstad’s speech at ISU was … Continue reading

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