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How To #Resist Factory Farms

From our inbox here is an important message from Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement. Tis the season to help us report and track manure application that violates the law and threatens our water. Here are the dates that are stated … Continue reading

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722 To 45,000: CAFOs And Candidates

CCI (Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement),  is leading the fight to do something about Iowa’s CAFO problem.  CCI is taking advantage of the Democratic presidential candidates’ presence in Iowa by lining up CAFO tours.  This is a great idea to … Continue reading

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Why The Farm Bill Was Drafted In Secret

Action Alert from Citizens for Community Improvement (CCI) The House’s draft of the Farm Bill is nothing short of a disaster. Members of Congress have turned their backs on our independent farmers and everyday people. Tell your representative to throw … Continue reading

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ALL Iowa Counties Now Have Poor or Very Poor Water Quality

CAFO Action Alert:  For daily CAFO updates, follow Joan Olive on Facebook Want healthy air and water, Iowa? This link will give you the phone/email for your elected officials so you can tell them to support SF2008- Moratorium & HF456 / … Continue reading

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The Real And True Consequences Of CAFOs

This letter to the editor of a local Iowa newspaper will blow you away. https://www.waukonstandard.com/articles/2016/04/06/letter-editor-health-concerns-regarding-proposed-cafo-swine-allamakee-county To the Editor: The proposal by Reicks Farms for the Confinement Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) filled with swine to be built in Allamakee County on … Continue reading

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More CAFOs Are Coming – What Everyone Can Do

Jefferson County Farmers & Neighbors Joe Maxwell, Senior Political Director of the Humane Society Legislative Fund, addresses the role everyone can play in protecting our communities at the upcoming JFAN Annual Meeting More CAFOs Are Coming – What YOU Can … Continue reading

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CAFOs: Not Just For Rural Iowa Anymore?

The encroachment continues. There is a proposed huge factory hog farm 5 miles north of Ames and Nevada. Our friend Greta Anderson posted this on FB yesterday: This is the CAFO one mile from my house that I’m fighting. Please, … Continue reading

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Iowa’s Clean Water v. Factory Farms

The Sierra Club Iowa Chapter has waited since September 2007 when it filed a dedelegation petition with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to develop and approve rules requiring concentrated animal feeding operations … Continue reading

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Millions Of Gallons Of Untreated Manure Coming To Linn County

http://thegazette.com/2013/06/30/dnr-must-not-let-hog-project-advance/ By Deb Theissen It’s like a nightmare that just won’t end. Last October, my husband and I found out that Maschhoff Pork, a giant, out-of-state corporation, was working with our neighbor, Matt Ditch, to build a factory farm right … Continue reading

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Is Iowa Any Better Than China When It Comes To Hog Scandals?

We think probably not.  Here is an excerpt of an article by Tom Philpott at MotherJones.com  about China’s dead-hog scandal and how Iowa and the U.S. compare.  Consider Iowa, which houses around 18 million hogs, making it our most hog-intensive … Continue reading

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