Lizard Crimson

red lizardlizard crimson

my parole officer will be so proud of me
sittin under mt Trashmore
sippin lattes
doin the macirena
with all the political whores
runnin for president in the iowa caucuses
ah yes, they’re called the iowa cauci
in the land of the hawkeyes
they go apeshit cockeyed
with all the cacca they spread all over the barnyard called iowa
they want to bring more people to iowa by startin
a new place for innovations
called the iowa dept of entremanurial development
to be run by barnyard branstad
yeah, they scrambled another shitload of B52’s
over at offal offut omaha
eatin their own farrow
just past the barbwire fences from fertile farm fields
listenin to those voodoo tunes
hittin the afterburner
going bong straight
goin out west they’ll aprreciate me
lips of anonymity
pornography of the heart
streets of electricity
in the throne room
new car show room
velvet ropes encase latest car tomb
you can drive away
with six years of your pay
and another ten years of your life
electrocution of desire
kings, pimps and bums
hangman rainin drones
drownin hope
down in Pakistan
widespread panic
plays a pale grateful dead
over behind Danny’s Diner
Officer Oby
is asleep at the Wheel
over in China
a French speakin tourist
sees someone
who looks just like him
and says
Asia vous?

John Shumaker
Twenty Thirteen
In Lakesh
Al Lakan

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