Zephyr Teachout Wants To Break Up Big Ag

UPDATE: The RSVP link for tonight’s show was showing that the event had already ended, but of course, it hasn’t. See you at 6pm Central — watch live here!

Zephyr Teachout is an author, attorney, political activist, and anti-trust and corruption expert. She was the Director of internet organizing for Howard Dean’s presidential campaign  She is an associate professor of law at Fordham University.  She has written a new book, Break ‘Em Up – Recovering our Freedom from Big Ag, Big Tech, and Big Money.

Join her on Jim Hightower’s live program Chat ‘n Chew to hear more about it.

“The consolidation of corporate power into massive monopolies and cartels hijacks the economy and imperils American democracy. But what can we do about it? Our friend Zephyr Teachout has drawn a roadmap for a new antitrust movement that builds on the successes of our populist grassroots. Get your favorite winter beverage ready for this chat — the fires we light here will be able to burn all year!”

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