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Watch Tom Vilsack Explain What Hillary Clinton Will Do For Rural America

Thom Hartmann also asked Vilsack why Iowa is the only state where virtually all of the Republican elected officials have come out and aggressively endorsed Donald Trump. Watch the video for Vilsack’s candid response.  

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Tell Tom Vilsack: Farmers Deserve The Facts About Climate Change And Drought

Forecast the Facts petition:  Tell Secretary Vilsack: Farmers Deserve the Facts about Climate Change and Drought “The US is facing one of the worst droughts in our history, but Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says he doesn’t want to ‘opine’ as … Continue reading

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Friday Food Talk: Why Is Pink Slime Still On The Menu At School?

Update:  This morning (Saturday) on Up! w/Chris Hayes they showed the Branstad video where he defends pink slime.  According to Branstad, it is the tone of the conversation that is poisoning us, not the slime.  Branstad’s speech at ISU was … Continue reading

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