U.S. Senate Democratic Primary Debate #1

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How Much Is A Human Life Worth?

Reprinted with permission from the Summer  2020 issue of  The Prairie Progressive, Iowa’s oldest progressive newsletter. The Prairie Progressive is  funded entirely by reader subscription,  available only in hard copy for $12/yr.  Send check to PP, Box 1945, Iowa City 52244.

In 1981 I left Iowa City for a family medicine position in Massachusetts.

When I was a family medicine resident and for a short time working around Iowa City, Iowa had a robust public health system and state lab. When health issues occurred, they were closely tracked, and orders were quickly placed to control infection spread. Testing for such infections as strep and sexually transmitted infections were covered by the State Lab. Immunizations were mandatory to attend school.

Fast forward to 2020.

Massachusetts, led by Republican Governor Baker, now has the third highest number of documented cases of Covid-19 in the US. This is due to its population density and the initial unavailability of testing for the virus SARS-COV-19 that causes Covid-19. Due to its public health efforts of strong mitigation, cases of Covid-19 are now decreasing in Massachusetts, unlike in Iowa, where cases are continuing to increase. Now that SARS-COV-19 testing is more available, Massachusetts is instituting wide-spread testing, tracking, and isolation. This is important since many people with SARS-COV-19 have no symptoms.

Unfortunately, Iowa Republican Governor Reynolds has not instituted a robust public health effort to mitigate or to test, track, and isolate for SARS-COV-19. Cases are increasing, and the effort to control the outbreaks are inadequate.

Extended care facilities, prisons, and meat processing plants are hot spots for infection spread. Inadequate testing, tracking, and isolation are clearly present in these hot spots,
as is lack of appropriate social distancing and personal protective equipment. Large corporate meat packing plants were told by the Trump administration to stay open. They were also told that interventions to control the spread of SARSCOV-19 were recommendations, not enforceable public health mandates.  The Iowa Governor seems to support this lack of enforcement. Local government and public health officials may not be able to intervene. Since many hospitals have closed across rural Iowa, the increase in Covid-19 cases risks overwhelming the capacity of local health care.

The federal response has been chaotic and irresponsible, with no national strategy to clamp down on this virus and resulting disease. Trump has made the pandemic states’ rights issue, allowing the government of Iowa to inadequately control hot spots.

Most workers in packing plants where there is no mandated enforcement are black, brown, or immigrants. Most eople in extended care facilities are at-risk older individuals. A disproportionate number of people in prison are black and brown.

It is understandable that the people in Iowa and across the country are under a great amount of financial and emotional stress due to loss of income and isolating as a result of the pandemic. But the toll of losing over 70,000 people across the country, in this short period of time, is heart-wrenching. In many of the Republican-controlled states, including Iowa, without adequate public health measures the re-opening of their economy’s deaths will continue to increase, mostly in high risk groups.

As Governor Cuomo of New York recently said (and could be said of Iowa): “HARD TRUTH. Project models have doubled the number of expected deaths because of reopening acceleration. HARD TRUTH. How much is a human life worth? HARD TRUTH. That is the real discussion that no one wants to admit.”

Where does Iowa’s Governor stand?

–Richard Rubin is semi-retired from the University of Massachusetts Amherst Health Service and is a fulltime fly fisherman

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Iowa Needs A CAFO Moratorium

Action alert – CCI has been leading the fight against CAFO proliferation in Iowa. Click on the link below to sign the petition.

Yesterday, the Hardin County Board of Supervisors denied two proposed factory farm applications.

The applications proposed by Tri-B Farms LLC and Ferris Pork would have added almost 7,500 hogs to a county already saturated with factory farms.

The County Board of Supervisors denied Tri-B Farms for their failure to provide sufficient detail for a composting structure and the Ferris Pork site was denied for attempting to claim a Family Farm Tax Credit that they did not qualify for.

Both of these objections were brought to the supervisors attention by Iowa CCI members who spent countless hours reviewing the applications and preparing for the public hearing.

That’s grassroots organizing power at its finest.

The Iowa DNR will still need to make a decision to approve or deny these applications. Regardless of what they decide, we will keep fighting for what’s right because we should not have to worry about a factory farm moving in, further threatening our public health during and beyond the global public health crisis we are facing.

Join us in demanding that Reynolds implement an immediate six month moratorium on new factory farm permits.

As Iowans practice necessary physical distancing to flatten the curve, the DNR continues to rubber stamp factory farm applications, without any guidance on how to proceed with public comment.

Right now, there are over 30 factory farm applications in 25 different counties being reviewed by the Iowa DNR, even as the industry says producers are being forced to euthanize livestock currently in factory farms.

Why is our health and safety being compromised for the profits of Big Ag and the factory farm industry? Why are we continuing to expand an industry that clearly isn’t prepared to handle the current crisis we are in?

Enough is enough!

The COVID-19 crisis has clearly highlighted the huge cracks in our highly consolidated industrial food system, proving it’s far less resilient than the diversified, regional operations it replaced.

Add your name to our letter demanding Reynolds sign an executive order for an immediate moratorium on factory farms.

Right now, our first priority should be taking care of the immediate needs of us, our loved ones, and our communities. We will continue to hold Governor Reynolds, the DNR and the factory farm industry accountable to our needs, to create and win policies that make life better all of us, both during and after the moment we are in.

P.S. Join us for our four-part webinar series to dig in on The Food & Farm System We Need & Deserve to learn from our allies across the Midwest region who are fighting alongside us for a better, more equitable food and farm system.

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Corona Virus Vaccine? Possibly A Dream

covid exponential growth

I was listening to Thom Hartmann Thursday and he said something that really caught my attention. He simply said that based on our experience with SARS and MERS and other corona viruses, we should not expect there to be a vaccine for the Covid-19 form of the corona virus.

As far as he knows there have so far been no vaccines for the other manifestations of the corona virus. Then why should we expect there to be vaccine for the Covid-19? For that matter, we have never conquered what is considered the common cold which is also a corona virus.

Looking into this I found a couple of websites that may be of interest. The first is the National Institute of Health’s (NIH) National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) website. The entry is very short. It includes a brief synopsis of the history of corona viruses and where we are now:   

There are hundreds of coronaviruses, most of which circulate among such animals as pigs, camels, bats and cats. Sometimes those viruses jump to humans—called a spillover event—and can cause disease. Four of the seven known coronaviruses that sicken people cause only mild to moderate disease. Three can cause more serious, even fatal, disease. SARS coronavirus (SARS-CoV) emerged in November 2002 and caused severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). That virus disappeared by 2004. Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) is caused by the MERS coronavirus (MERS-CoV). Transmitted from an animal reservoir in camels, MERS was identified in September 2012 and continues to cause sporadic and localized outbreaks. The third novel coronavirus to emerge in this century is called SARS-CoV-2. It causes coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), which emerged from China in December 2019 and was declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization on March 11, 2020.

Building on previous research on SARS and MERS, NIAID scientists and grantees are well positioned to rapidly develop COVID-19 diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines. These projects include conducting basic research to understand how the virus infects cells and causes disease, and what interventions can prevent and stop the spread of disease.

In fact, within two weeks of the discovery of COVID-19, NIAID researchers had determined how the virus enters cells. And within two months sites had begun Phase 1 trials of a treatment (remdesivir) and a vaccine (mRNA-1273).
Why Are Coronaviruses a Priority for NIAID?

After SARS-CoV emerged from China in November 2002 it spread to 26 countries within a few months, largely by infected passengers who traveled. More than 8,000 people fell ill and 774 died. SARS drew the collective focus of researchers throughout the world. The disease disappeared in 2004, likely due to intensive contact tracing and case isolation measures. In September 2012, a new coronavirus was identified in the Middle East causing an illness similar to SARS. Again, researchers at NIAID and across the globe initiated studies to understand MERS-CoV and how to stop it. Research efforts from those two outbreaks—including development of a DNA vaccine candidate for SARS by NIAID’s Vaccine Research Center—have prepared scientists to quickly assess the severity and transmission potential of SARS-CoV-2, and to develop countermeasures.

How Is NIAID Addressing This Critical Topic?

When MERS emerged in 2012 and COVID-19 was identified in 2020, NIAID intramural and extramural scientists mobilized quickly to study the viruses, efforts which continue today. Key areas of investigation include basic research on their origins, how they cause disease, and developing animal study models, new treatments, and vaccines.

Informative, but note there is no vaccine for anything.

Next we go to a website for a group called Precision Vaccinations. The story I read there on corona viruses contained a treasure trove of information on the progress some of the most promising candidates out there to confront Covid-19, the story did start with these sobering paragraphs:   

Coronaviruses without preventive vaccines are the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV), and the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19 disease in humans.

As of May 14, 2020, the U.S. FDA has not approved any preventive or therapeutic vaccines for use against the SARS, MERS, or SARS-CoV-2 coronaviruses. However, over 300 clinical studies are seeking participants to evaluate vaccine candidates.

All I want to do here is remind folks that just because the current president and our governor claim things to be open again, you must be very, very careful about where you go and what you do. There is no magic bullet as yet and may never be. At best we may just have to incorporate behaviors into our daily lives that keep us from getting infected.

As I write this, due to the disastrous leadership of the president, we are approaching 90,000 deaths due to this virus. By Memorial Day we will probably be close to or over 100,000 dead. For comparison, The US lost a little over 400,000 in WWII. We have lost nearly a quarter of that in less than 3 months.

And remember, the infection you spread could kill your grandmother, or mother, or child. So let’s pull together and work toward the goal we all want – to defeat the corona virus.

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Sunday Funday – No Sports, Month 2 Edition

Did you ever think that it isn’t the competition that draws you in but the description of it by one of America’s golden throats? Did you ever wonder if that announcer could make watching the grass grow exciting? Looks like we are mighty close to finding out.

Lots happening with many fewer moving parts.

  1. “We’re in deep shit” read an email concerning unpreparedness for the coronavirus to what whistle blower as he recounted it before a House investigative committee last week?
  1. What senator gained some notoriety when she asked questions with her mask half on, half off in a Senate investigative hearing? 
  1. “Not an acceptable answer” said Donny Corona about an answer given by what epidemiologist in a Senate hearing this week?
  1. What senior administration official said he had not decided whether or not to hold elections this fall yet?
  1. Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden raised eyebrows when he said he would not pardon whom?
  1. What senator had his cell phone confiscated by the FBI in an investigation into insider trading?
  1. 66 years ago today May 17, 1954 SCOTUS decided Brown v. Board in the case that ended school segregation in the US. What was the vote in the case?
  1. There are a few sports announcer working right now as ESPN is showing baseball games being played in what country?
  1. The Iowa counties with the highest number of coronavirus cases right now are what?
  1. Last night what former president and First Lady hosted a national graduation commencement ceremony?
  1. May 20, 1927 what young flyer flew from Roosevelt Field on Long Island and landed in Paris some 33 hours later?
  1. Everyone in the West Wing of the White House now wears a protective mask except for whom?
  1. The SCOTUS heard two cases that were broadcast for the first time. Both cases concerned what subject?
  1. Senate Majority Leader Moscow Mitch in a live streamed event Monday night laid the blame for the coronavirus outbreak on what person?
  1. Unlike other businesses that were expected to reopen in Iowa on May 15th, the legislature once again set their reopening back, this time to what date?
  1. Despite pressure from Donny Corona, Senator Lindsey Graham refuses to call who in the GOP’s newest conspiracy scandal Senate investigation?
  1. What major tech company announced last week that some of its workers may be working from home permanently?
  1. The governor of what state is battling with Native Americans who set up coronavirus checkpoints on their reservations?
  1. In a tweet, Donny Corona implied that what MSNBC host and former congress member had murdered a congressional intern?
  1. Angered at reopening restrictions in his home state, what automobile company CEO threatened to move his company out of that state?



  1. Dr. Rick Bright
  1. Susan Collins of Maine. Indicative if her problems saying where she stands on an issue
  1. Dr.  Anthony Fauci
  1. Jared Kushner. You may wonder what he even has to do with elections.
  1. Donny Corona
  1. Richard Burr of North Carolina
  1. Unanimous 9 to 0
  1. South Korea
  1. Polk and Woodbury
  1. Michelle and Barack Obama
  1. Charles Lindbergh
  1. Donny Corona
  1. Presidential finances and whether the president can be involved in court cases while president
  1. Former President Barack Obama. Mitch has been hitting the moonshine, methinks
  1. June 1st
  1. Former President Barack Obama – their fevered minds have come up with something they call “Obamagate”
  1. Twitter
  1. South Dakota.
  1. Joe Scarborough
  1. Elon Musk of Tesla

#TrumpGate is worse than Watergate, worse than Bridgegate, and worse than every other “gate” that has happened in America.

Name another “gate” that caused the deaths of 80,000 American citizens in 2 months.

Go ahead…we’ll wait. – Brooklyn Dad Defiant

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Corruption From The White House To The Courthouse

I often feel like I am at the end of my rope with the combination of monumental corruption by the current presidential administration, the horribly handled response to the corona virus especially at the national level, but also at the state level. The constant lying and manipulation of data by what appears to be most every Republican in a leadership role wears a person out trying to find the truth.

Add to that what appears to be a nearly impenetrable force field covering these folks. Now it appears the Supreme Court is also going to add itself to the protection surrounding the president. After the current president was basically to be the only man in American history to be above the law by his Republican lapdogs in the senate – and that definitely includes Ernst and Grassley. If I have it right that means Trump is a king.

With the Senate Republicans having declared him King, Trump has spent much of his time since then ignoring one of the worst challenges this country has ever gone through while spending his time going after his enemies. Using his top henchman Attorney General William Barr, Trump is now pursuing enemies vigorously while overturning the rule of law to suit his whims. Of course what he sees as enemies are people who make him look like the chump that he is – Barack Obama and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

While our eyes are glued on the monumental mess in Washington we are missing much of the Kim Reynolds film-flam at the state level. Reynolds pretty much told us all you ever need to know about her and her regime in this state when she declared that if you place of business reopens and you do not return to work then you have quit your job, even if fear of the corona virus is keeping you wanting to stay off work. If you “quit” your job then you are no longer eligible for unemployment insurance. 

Thus your choice is return to work and maybe die or starve. Great choices, Kim. For Reynolds its a win-win. If you quit the unemployment number goes down and the cost to the state goes down. 

Meanwhile down at the county level, Muscatine County has been getting its name in the news recently in some interesting ways. Many read about the head jailer for the county who had a history of posting racist commentary on YouTube.com. The Muscatine County jail has been a major parking place for Johnson County inmates in recent years. In fact the Muscatine County jail was built with the idea that Johnson County would be footing much of the bill by paying Muscatine County to hold its prisoners.

After Johnson County began to look for other accommodations for their inmates, Muscatine County finally took some action. The head jailer has been relieved of his duties.

Now there is a bit of a new controversy down Muscatine way. The county attorney, Alan Ostegren decided on May 1st that he was done as county attorney and it was time to move on. So he resigned. Thus the Muscatine County Board of Supervisors needed to replace Ostegren. This is where it gets interesting. 

At this point I will use some excerpts from a campaign newsletter from Henry Marquard, who is a Democratic candidate for supervisor in Muscatine County this year:

On May 11, the Muscatine County Board appointed a County Attorney who had been removed from previous office by court order over bar association and public objections. James Barry, the former Cass County Attorney was appointed by our Board to serve as interim county attorney until a successor is elected in November. Ed Askew (ed. Note – another Democratic candidate for county supervisor)  and I spoke against the appointment at the meeting.  A highly respected local attorney called him “dangerous”.  In a process staged managed by Nathan Mather, the Board ignored any meaningful selection process, prevented any reasonable public or press inquiry, ran roughshod over public comment including objections from the Muscatine County Bar Association and voted in the only county attorney ever removed from office by the District Court. In short, Nathan Mather at his best!

A deeply flawed selection process has produced a flawed result. Yesterday,  over objections brought by Ed Askew and myself the Board appointed James Barry interim county attorney.  A review of the public records points out that Mr. Barry is one of and maybe the only county attorney ever removed by an Iowa Court for malfeasance.


I stated last week that the process was deeply flawed. If you put in only minimal effort you get a minimal result and I’m not sure that this process and result  even met the minimal level. The only advertisement was buried in the legal notices of the local papers with the highway bids and other legal documents. Neither the Muscatine County Bar Association nor State Bar Association were ever contacted to advertise the position  The Muscatine County Bar Association’s representative objected to the process at yesterday’s meeting. At a time when attorney wanted advertisements produce many attorney resumes the Board came up with a process that produced only one response and that is from someone I would not consider qualified.

As bad as this process as, Mather’s plan for this yesterday’s meeting was even worse. The agenda simply listed that the Board intended to discuss and possibly make an appointment butt did not list the name of the person. We only knew about it because the County sends Ed the agenda packets pursuant to his FOIA request. The process for today’s meeting, springing the actual identity of the person and voting on it is the very antithesis of open and transparent government. The Board voted on a very public position without the chance for the public to have made meaningful comments and the press to do its duty. At a minimum, appointments like this should be announced at least a week prior to the Board’s voting to allow public investigation and educated comment.



Just when you thought that our Board’s leadership hit rock bottom, Nathan Mather got a bigger shovel.  They awarded our departed  county attorney Alan Ostegren a $4000/month contract going through the swearing in of the elected county attorney in December.. Despite being the greatest county attorney (ever suspended) according to Nathan, Mr. Barry will need Ostegren’s’s help for the next 6 months. Taxpayers- we get one county attorney for the price of two- what a deal. While its true that Barry can cancel the contract, Ostegren was instrumental in getting him the job- do you really think  Barry will now fire Ostegren. When I brought up the possibility that deal violated Iowa Attorney Ethic Rules, Lawyer Mather said that would be Alan’s problem (Alan with friends like this…) One  County Attorney for the price of two.! What a deal- for them.

A check with other news sources confirms Mr. Marquard’s story. From iowacapitaldispatch.com we have a description of the activity that caused Barry to lose his license:

Barry was forced from the Cass County Attorney’s Office in 2004 after the Des Moines Register published a series of stories about his office fabricating tickets for equipment violations to generate revenue for the county.

As Cass County attorney, Barry had a practice of dismissing speeding tickets in return for the drivers’ written agreement to plead guilty to numerous, fictitious vehicle-equipment violations. Those “violations” didn’t count against the motorists’ driving record, but generated revenue for the county, which was then routed to a safe in the sheriff’s office.

Barry also was found to have traded property seized from criminal defendants for “donations” to the sheriff’s office. In one case, he held a drug defendant’s truck until the individual agreed to make a $500 donation to the sheriff’s office.

At the time, Barry admitted he knew that the money derived from the fictitious tickets and the property seizures should not have been retained by the county.

From the White House to the courthouse we have Republicans ignoring laws, rules and process to achieve their goals. 

This will be the most important election in the nation’s history. Be sure to vote! Your life depends on it.

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Administration’s War On Health Care Charges On

was illegal to profit off health care til 1973

For Immediate Release: May 13, 2020

Contact: Matt Sinovic, (515) 423-0133

NEW STUDY: 27 Million More Americans Lost Health Care Because of Coronavirus, and Trump is Going to the Supreme Court to Keep it That Way

Des Moines, Iowa —

 A new study out today from the Kaiser Family Foundation determined that 27 million Americans have likely lost their health care since the start of the coronavirus crisis. That number, on top of millions of Americans already uninsured creates a dangerous situation for the country reeling from a global pandemic. Kaiser concluded that more than 20 million of those newly-uninsured individuals are eligible for coverage under the ACA or Medicaid. But if the Trump-Republican lawsuit currently before the Supreme Court to overturn the ACA is successful, those 20 million uninsured will no longer have access to ACA subsidies or coverage under Medicaid expansion. In response to this new study, Matt Sinovic, the executive director of Progress Iowa and Protect Our Care Iowa, issued the following statement:

“While President Trump goes to court to ‘terminate’ health care for millions of Americans, millions more have already lost their coverage due to the economic impacts of coronavirus. The Kaiser Family Foundation determined that 27 million Americans likely lost their health care on top of the estimated 28 million already uninsured, potentially leaving 55 million Americans without coverage in the middle of this health crisis. Of the 27 million losing coverage, roughly 20 million are eligible for ACA subsidized insurance either because they live in a state that has expanded Medicaid or are eligible for financial assistance on the exchange. The Trump-Republican lawsuit to overturn the ACA would wipe out all of that, leaving millions without access to coverage when they need it most. It’s mind-boggling that Trump and the Republicans are persisting in their effort to strip Americans of health care coverage during the country’s most devastating public health emergency in a century.”

Progress Iowa is a multi-issue progressive advocacy organization with a network of more than 75,000 progressives. Year-round, Progress Iowa advocates for a stronger middle class, first-class public education, and fairness for all Iowans under the law.

Matt Sinovic (he/his)

Executive Director | Progress Iowa

515.423.0133 | @ProgressIowa


I can not for the life of me understand why the administration would want to do something like this, especially at a time like now when being able to access health care is so critical. Their hate for most of our citizenry is unfathomable.

If the Republicans are successful in their lawsuit to end Obamacare next fall – and if you didn’t know the SCOTUS has delayed hearings on this case until October so that it will be low profile during the election with a decision probably after the inauguration of the new president – that would be another @30 million who would lose their health care in one day. Add that to the 55 million who have already lost health insurance. That is 85 million.

People without health insurance will probably never be able to pay huge hospital bills. This deprives the hospitals of money to grow and adapt. Hospitals will have to cover their bills somehow, so they will have to charge those who can pay more. That means that you and I will be paying more for our insurance.

Those potential huge bills will also keep people from doing things like creating new businesses and buying consumer goods and houses. Both of those are long term detriments to our economy.

There is also another really bad effect on society when people do not have access to health care. That is that people without insurance will not seek out health care when they are sick. Thus instead of being treated and perhaps quit spreading whatever disease they have (say Covid-19) instead they will be among us all spreading their disease. 

That last point is the reason I have been for a universal health care since I was a little boy. When someone is sick, I want them to get to a doctor and get it taken care of before they give it to me. As we have found out this year, one person’s cold could be another person’s death sentence.

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Call For CAFO Moratorium

 Action alert from GMOFreeUSA/

Tell your U.S. Senators to co-sponsor and support the Farm System Reform Act (FSRA): https://www.tinyurl.com/BanCAFOs

We need to protect America’s children and communities by putting an immediate moratorium on factory farm CAFOs (concentrated animal feeding operations) and phasing out existing ones.

A growing body of research into the rising number of concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) across the United States reveals deepening concerns over impacts on human health and the environment. CAFOs emit strong odors that emanate beyond the borders of the barns, and emissions includes gases such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide that are harmful to humans. Numerous research studies that show large livestock farms have a negative impact on the health of both workers and neighbors. One study found that 30% of CAFO workers had some form of respiratory illness, while another found that children — who take in more air than adults — are highly susceptible to illnesses related to airborne emissions from CAFOs.

Researchers in North Carolina found that the closer children live to a CAFO, the greater the risk of asthma symptoms. There is consistent evidence suggesting that factory farms increase asthma in neighboring communities, as indicated by children having higher rates of asthma. Beyond asthma, other health effects of CAFO air emissions can be headaches, respiratory problems, eye irritation, nausea, weakness, and chest tightness.

The FSRA would place a moratorium on and phase out polluting, inhumane, large-scale industrial concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs), restore mandatory country-of-origin labeling (COOL) requirements, and strengthen the Packers & Stockyards Act to crack down on the monopolistic practices of multi-national meatpackers and corporate integrators.

New polling from the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future and Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research shows widespread and bipartisan support for policy protections from the dangers posed by CAFOs. A majority of Americans want a moratorium and eventual phasing out of CAFOs. There are more humane ways to produce America’s meat and dairy that do not harm communities and the environment. BAN FILTHY CAFOs TODAY: https://www.tinyurl.com/BanCAFOs

READ: https://www.aberdeennews.com/…/article_35c19914-1d20-11ea-b…

READ: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4517575

#CAFO #CAFOs #FactoryFarms #pollution #health #ammonia #HydrogenSulfide #RespiratoryIllness #asthma #children #BanCAFOs #gmofreecanada #gmofreeusa #toxinfreeusa

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How To Prevent Election Stealing

November is coming. Prepare to vote.

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Thom Hartmann Answers The Question “When Will Americans Wake Up?”

“Things don’t get real for Americans until it affects them personally….when it gets to 5 or 10% of Americans who have a family member who has died.”

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