Sarah Trone Garriott, Iowa Senate District 22

With the exodus of voters from the Republican Party in the suburbs it looks like another suburban area of Des Moines may be a bit closer than expected this vote. Iowa Senate District 22 is in the western Des Moines suburbs, half in Polk County and half in Dallas County. Cities that are in the district include Clive, Waukee, Windsor Heights and West Des Moines.

The district is currently represented by retiring Senate President Charles Schneider, a Republican. But this year strange things could happen.

The Democratic candidate in district 22 is Sarah Trone Garriott. As you can gather from the video above, Garriott is one of those people who is born to serve. So far she has fulfilled that call as a minister. Today she finds that she may be of more service representing her district in the Iowa legislature.

From her webpage: 

Over the course of her life, this call has taken many forms. It was what led her to join AmeriCorps right out of college, to help victims of domestic violence. It was what sustained her as a hospital chaplain, caring for people during times of crisis. It was what inspired her to become a Lutheran minister, to provide leadership to communities of faith. And it was what took her out of the parish and into the nonprofit world, to bring diverse people together around a common cause of caring for our neighbors.

Sarah and her husband, Will, have lived all over the country—in rural communities, big cities, and small towns. Like many Iowans, they came here for the opportunity to build a life for their family. But since 2014 she has watched as those things that are most important—good schools, clean water, quality accessible healthcare, economic opportunity, civil rights—get neglected or outright undermined by our state legislature.

She recognizes the challenges that are facing our state and is inspired to step up in leadership for the people of Iowa.

As a parent of two sons, she knows the difference it would make if our state supported child care and public education. As a community member, she has personally encountered how the lack of affordable housing, stagnant wages, and regressive policies have discouraged people from staying in our state or moving to Iowa. As a pastor, she’s seen her neighbors struggle to make ends meet, finding little access to the care and resources they need to thrive. And as a nonprofit leader, she knows that real change could happen if our state government worked collaboratively with nonprofits, business leaders, and citizens.

Like many Democrats in Iowa, Garriott sees plenty of opportunity for improvement in Iowa in the areas of Schools, Health Care, Water Air and Soil, fairer taxes, Diversity and Economic Opportunity.  

This could be a surprising year in Iowa politics as many folks may be displaying their displeasure with Republican candidates far down the ballot. Sarah Trone Garriott has issue positions that resonate with Iowa values. If you are in her district help her out with your vote between now and Nov. 3rd. If you can send her a little monetary love you can hit that donate button from her web page here.  

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Sunday Funday: We Gotta Have Hart Edition

It has been nice to have had Dave Loebsack as our congress critter for the past decade plus. He has represented the second district well. He gets out and actually talks to his constituents. He has not been bound by the ideological straight jacket of a Republican. He has truly represented the constituency well. 

We would hate to see that end. Rita Hart will carry on Loebsack’s legacy of talking with the people of the second district and actually representing them. Hart’s opponent will be bound by the ideological straight jacket that comes with being a republican these days. That includes reverting health care to pre-ACA days, including the return of pre-existing conditions. 

I was trying to come up with an analogy for what trading in a Democratic representative for a Republican representative would be like. The best I can come up with is turning in your brand new laptop for a 1950 Olivetta manual typewriter. As for me, I want to keep my new laptop and all its functionality.

A bit over two weeks left. Expect the SCOTUS to be placed firmly in Republican hands by Halloween in what will be the scariest of power grabs designed to stop any progress that a Biden-Harris Administration can forge.

  1. Which member of the competing presidential tickets will be isolating through this weekend due to possible exposure to coronavirus in their traveling party?
  1. What Republican proudly announced he voted for Ronald Reagan for president in this election?
  1. What dictator and friend of Dear Leader shed tears as he apologized for his failings on dealing with the corona virus last weekend?
  1. The mother of what national hero and former Republican presidential candidate died last week at age 108?
  1. What Republican senator spread the corona virus at the Judiciary Committee hearing for Barrett, showing up unmasked after testing positive for the virus?
  1. What was Sen. Joni Ernst’s best guess at the daily price of a bushel of soybeans at her debate with Theresa Greenfield Thursday?
  1. October 19th, 1781 should be a major holiday in the US. On that date what British general surrendered his forces at Yorktown?
  1. On the day CSPAN political editor should have been at the peak of his career moderating a presidential debate Thursday, he was instead suspended from CSPAN for what infraction?
  1. What midwestern US senator excoriated Dear Leader for Dear Leader’s policies on the corona virus and his foreign policy?
  1. Well, one industry is excelling in Iowa in the pandemic. What newly legalized industry in Iowa is doing a booming business during this time?
  1. Dear Leader vetoed disaster aid funds help for what state ravaged by wildfires?
  1. At the same time Dear Leader announced relief aid to what group damaged by his tariff policies that seems to be pulling away from voting for him?
  1. Speaker Pelosi wanted $3.2 Trillion to start. Dear Leader said he would go for $1.8 Trillion. Senate leader McConnell said $0. What are we talking about?
  1. Who won the Nobel Peace Prize this year?
  1. What former Iowa coach was announced as a recipient of a Presidential Medal of Freedom before a presidential visit to Iowa last week?
  1. Speaking of the presidential visit to Iowa, it broke all rules set by Governor Reynolds for crowds in the corona virus era. Where was Reynolds at the time?
  1. An incredibly fanciful tale of Biden family treason put out by Republicans starts with Hunter Biden taking his laptop to a Delaware repair shop even though he lives where?
  1. Stories abound that Dear Leader’s campaign is broke. In contrast the Democratic presidential pulled in how much in contributions in September?
  1. “People of Praise” is a religious group which is getting a huge amount of publicity right now because of what?
  1. One of the surprises from the Amy Coney-Barrett hearing to be a SCOTUS justice was her inability to name what that are spelled out in the first amendment?

“I turn on the television, they talked about your floods in Iowa. They talked about how Iowa is doing the crops…. 3-4 stories one after another… Where is my Nobel Peace Prize that they don’t talk about?”

-President of stupid people w/no empathy, 

last night, (Wednesday) 

to actual Iowans.

– John Fugelsang


  1. Kamala Harris -“out of an abundance of caution”
  1. Gov. Larry Hogan of Maryland. Hogan is pretty much openly running for  the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.
  1. Kim Jung Un – geez, even this guy has more compassion thanDear Leader
  1. Roberta McCain, mother of John McCain died in Arizona at age 108 last week.
  1. Mike Lee of Utah. Shouldn’t that be a crime?
  1. $5.05 – not even close for either corn or beans. Theresa Greenfield had the exact price of a bushel of corn.
  1. Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown to Washington
  1. Lied about his twitter feed being hacked after he had a questionable exchange with Anthony Scaramucci
  1. Ben Sasse (R- Nebr)
  1. Sports betting!
  1. California
  1. Farmers in the South and Midwest – Buying their votes with our tax money?
  1. Corona virus relief funds
  1. World Food Programme – Dear Leader is crying because he didn’t win it
  1. Dan Gable – This will put him in a class with Rush Limbaugh
  1. Speaking to that crowd! Rules are for suckers.
  1. Los Angeles 
  1. $383 million
  1. SCOTUS nominee Amy Coney-Barrett is a member of the extremely conservative group.
  1. The “five freedoms”: The freedom of speech, of the press, the establishment of a religion or the free exercise thereof, the right to peaceably assemble and the right for a redress of grievances
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Iowa Needs Rhonda Martin For State Senate

District 20 Candidate Faces Brad Zaun

Rhonda Martin from her website

Donate here  

One of the most extreme right members of the Iowa legislature is State Senator Brad Zaun of Iowa’s 20th senatorial district in the northwest portion of Polk County.  Zaun has been state senator for 16 years. Zaun has been a mainstay in the hard right turn that the Iowa legislature has taken in recent years.

Among the issues that Zaun has backed during his tenure include:

  • Voter Suppression

  • Privatizing IPERS for thousands of government workers

  • Eliminating tenure at our state universities

  • Welcoming guns on campus

  • Diverting public funds to private schools

  • Severely restricting the rights of Iowa women, especially reproductive health rights

Just at a glance it is pretty apparent that Zaun is far to the right even in his party. As the reaction to the disaster that Trump and Governor Reynolds have made of their lack of strategy on the corona virus, many Iowans are understanding that Iowa’s Republican leaders are not working in their interests.

What Iowans are also discovering is that Democrats have solid candidates that will work for Iowans, not for corporation and the wealthy. In Senate district 20 that includes Grimes, Johnston and Urbandale, Iowans find a a candidate in their corner – Rhonda Martin.

Martin is currently a city councilor in Johnston. She is also a landscape architect at Iowa State University. At this point I will let Rhonda Martin speak for herself:

“I am a Democrat running to represent Iowa Senate District 20. My legislative priorities when I’m elected include: sufficiently funding public education at all levels; environmental stewardship; healthcare for all Iowans; innovation in Iowa’s economy; and the practice of good government.

Good government does not come from a mindset of winning at all costs and closed-door deals. Good government comes from working together across the aisle and changing what is not working. Therefore, I will work for and with you to find innovative ways to grow our Iowa economy and help all Iowans.

I want to represent the good people of Grimes, Johnston, and Urbandale, so instead of having to fight bad legislation, we can use our energy to advance good legislation. We will protect the environment, we will support public education, and we will provide quality health care for our most vulnerable citizens.

The election is barely over 2 weeks away. Rhonda Martin could definitely use some help for that final push. Go to her website and hit that DONATE BUTTON.    

Iowa and senate district 20 need the people first views that Rhonda Martin represents.

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Are You Better Off Than You Were Four Years Ago?

Back in 1980, Ronald Reagan turneddebate with that question. Since then that has been a question that many of us ask ourselves as we evaluate the candidates in our own minds. As the election nears we can use this question to evaluate both candidates since both have been part of the executive structure of the past two administrations.

So first let’s look at Donald Trump. Are you better off than you were when he took over four years ago? Unless you are one of America’s top 1% the true answer is most likely no. For one thing, no matter who you are your mobility is much more severely limited than it was four years back. Thanks to the corona virus, airplanes are not flying, trains and busses as common transportation are not desirable and even car travel presents challenges.

Can transportation problems be laid at the feet of the current administration? The answer is a resounding YES. As with many parts of our current situation, the lack of any kind of a coherent response from administration to the corona virus has made formerly simple daily activities into potential life threatening exercises.

Going through crowded airports, going through baggage checks and then sitting in tight quarters on a plane for hours a is good opportunity to pick up the corona virus that could be fatal. No matter what form of common carrier you take, that wasn’t a problem before the Trump Administration. Even traveling by car presents some problems such as the use of restrooms or touching common surfaces that was never much of a thought before Trump.

How about health care? As the Trump Administration winds down, the US Senate is in the process of trying to confirm what Republicans believe will most certainly be the fatal blow to the Affordable Care Act. Thus the carefully crafted legislation that was created by the previous administration with Joe Biden as the #2 man will soon become another notch in the right’s legacy of denying health care to Americans. As the fallout from ending the ACA trickles down, most of us will finally realize that we were much better off before Trump.

How about those jobs Trump claims he’s been creating? Even before the corona virus pandemic, job creation was weakening. Since the corona virus pandemic, jobs are crashing month after month. Applications for new unemployment benefits stay near a million a week. When Obama-Biden took over they inherited an economy on the verge of a worldwide collapse. Obama-Biden put together a plan and despite Republican attempts to scuttle the economy, Obama-Biden stuck to the plan and slowly turned a disaster into a huge success.

In just the opposite scenario, the Trump Administration turned an on going success into what is and still may be an epic disaster. Trump is on target to be only the second president who will lose jobs during his term. Iowa’s own Herbert Hoover is the only one to claim that distinction to date.

One area seems to really stick out in this country. The Trump Administration seems hell bent on dividing this country into two or more countries. Divisions in this country do not seem to have been as deep nor as hard set since pre-Civil War. Rather than working to fix common problems, the Trump Administration is tearing America apart over race, wealth, religion and even whether or not we should wear the masks that are essential to stopping the corona virus.

As we talk about division we can also add gender to the mix. The status of women in our society continues to drop as the Administration works hard to get a majority on the Supreme Court to end Roe v. Wade. Speaking of gender, the majority that the Administration is putting together on the Supreme Court will also be targeting gay marriage and decisions that have made both women and gays second class citizens.

Heck, if SCOTUS gets to feeling their power, Brown v. Board of Education may be overturned.

During the Obama-Biden years it felt like all segments of society advanced on the scale of first class citizenship. The Trump Administration has reversed or has plans to reverse nearly all advancement in the past 70 years.

Pick your area to measure and the Obama-Biden Administration years advanced society, whereas the Trump Administration has inhibited and reversed advancement.Even the stock market – the only indicator that Trump seems to care about – has not advanced nearly as much percentage wise as it did in the Obama-Biden years.

About the only area that Trump has advanced is the gap between the wealthy – the 1% – and the rest of us. That is always the sign of a society that is sick. As more and more money accumulates in fewer and fewer hands, economies slow down and are and more go hungry. Soon many of us will no longer have health care and jobs will be coming back much more slowly.

Are you better off than you were four years ago? 99% of us should say no. Are your prospects looking better? In the era of uncontrolled corona virus prospects are almost unknowable.

Will the Trump Administration work to control the corona virus? Their latest plan is to seek “herd immunity” which is a strange concept that involves multiple millions of Americans dying. Or in other words, the Trump Administration plans to do nothing.

When we were asking those same questions in 2012, the answers were nearly 100% that things were better and prospects were good.

Vote where the evidence leads you. Vote for Biden-Harris for America and for yourself.

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Where You Get Your News Matters

If you are a Fox viewer which I highly doubt you would be reading our blog if you were, you may want to add some other types of information sources to your single-source habit.

A Pew Research Center survey makes clear the extent of the problem. Among those who get their election news primarily from Fox “News,” 86 percent say Trump is delivering the “completely right” or “mostly right” message about the pandemic, 78 percent that “the U.S. has controlled the outbreak as much as it could have” and 61 percent that Trump and his administration get the facts right about the coronavirus “almost all” or “most of the time.” Perhaps the most disturbing finding of all: 39 percent of Fox News viewers say that QAnon — an insane conspiracy theory that posits that Trump’s opponents are satanic child-molesters — is “somewhat good” or “very good” for the country.

We’ve been pontificating for years that it’s the media, stupid, to borrow a line from the great James Carville, President Clinton’s campaign manager who famously said, “It’s the economy, stupid.” There is plenty of documentation in addition to the Pew Research Center survey cited below, that confirms our hypothesis that our nation’s problems are largely caused by the media.

Just as insidious as Fox News, probably even more impactful, is talk radio.  You may notice I didn’t say “conservative” talk radio because now all talk radio on the publicly owned airwaves is conservative, understanding that conservative doesn’t mean what it used to mean.  And for the crowd that always says NPR is “liberal” or “progressive” radio, it’s not. It’s supposed to be educational but it does have a Koch brother on its board so there’s that.

And just as a reminder, Iowa has way more hate speech on the air than any state should be asked to tolerate.  And it’s not because hate speech is in high demand. It’s because the few corporations that own the stations want it that way. Just try to get rid of one, it’s not easy and is likely impossible, even if you live in a predominantly liberal area.  One Iowa town has two hate speech stations.

It’s no wonder we have gone from being a generally sensible people  to a chaotic mass of confusion.

And I’ll just add here that it turns out campaigns have terminology for this. They refer to it as the “rural information eco-system.”  I get it. It’s not just the station itself, it’s the cult-like community of believers that reinforce going along with nuttiness so as not to be ostracized from the group. Psychologists would say it’s classic group think but in the age of electronic and digital technology, the number of believers has blown up to gigantic, dangerous proportions. This was purposeful on the part of Republicans.  See The Brainwashing of My Dad.


So here it is, once again, the state of our commercial AM radio stations blasting the entire state on a daily basis with hours upon hours of right wing hate speech. And just for the record, if you think no one listens to radio anymore, that is incorrect.  53 million people listen to talk radio in the U.S.

Iowa just happens to have fourteen commercial stations that broadcast right wing conspiracy theories and other crap 5-15 hours every day, including WHO Radio, a 50,000 watt station that reaches the entire state and beyond.

Here are the Iowa  stations that broadcast multiple hours a day of this type of talk radio. This does not need a link because I did the research myself. All you have to do to verify is go to the station websites and look at their programming schedules. And since I did this, the situation is probably even worse because they have groomed and developed younger hate speech up-and-comers whose names are not immediately recognizable as right wing talkers.  These syndicated programs are cheap for the stations to provide. It has nothing to do with what the community wants.

KCPS Burlington – 12 hrs/day,
KBUR Burlington – 6 hrs,
KXEL Waterloo-CF – 12 hrs,
WOC Quad Cities – 11 1/2 hrs,
WHO Des Moines 11 1/2 hrs,
KSJC Sioux City – 13 hrs,
WMT Cedar Rapids 8 hrs,
WDBQ Dubuque, 6 hrs,
KILR Estherville – 15 hrs,
KGLO Mason City – 9 hrs,
KFJB Marshalltown, 6 hrs,
KASI Ames, 6 hrs, and
KICD Spencer, 5-6 hrs.
KVFD-AM (1400 AM) *(Fort Dodge Mo – Fr 11AM – 2PM, Sat 8AM – 11AM*) Limbaugh and Hannity streamed.

I could go on and on.

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Amy Coney Barret Just Another Republican Liar

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Vote Lonny Pulkrabek To End The GOP Trifecta In Des Moines

Sheriff Lonny Pulkrabek

HD 73 includes Solon, West Branch, Rochester, Iowa City, Wilton, Durant, Lowden, Bennett, Clarence, Stanwood, Mechanicsville.

Fair redistricting will likely go away if Republicans win the House in 2021. The incumbent in this district, Bobby Kaufmann, son of Iowa GOP chair Jeff Kaufmann, votes with his party 99% of the time. This is but one great reason of many to support Democrat Lonny Pulkrabek for House District 73.

Check out Lonny’s website,  Facebook  page and Twitter feed. For the best contrast between Bobby Kaufmann and Lonny Pulkrabek scroll down to watch the 30-minute candidate forum below the TV ad. It couldn’t be more clear who is the best candidate to represent Iowans in HD 73.

“I know how the laws made in Des Moines impact our everyday lives. During my 35 years in law enforcement, I’ve seen what works, and what doesn’t. I want to use my experience to get Des Moines working for the folks of District 73.”  – Lonny Pulkrabek


Donate to Lonny’s campaign

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Jen Pellant Perfect Choice To Represent Council Bluffs

Hi. My name is Jen Pellant and I am the Democratic candidate working to represent Council Bluffs (House District 16) in the state legislature. I grew up in Council Bluffs, where my parents were public school teachers at Lewis Central Community Schools. My mom, Jan, taught 7th grade, and my dad, Erwin, taught high school English and coached football and basketball. Both were career-long union members.

At the heart of it all, I’m a coach’s kid. I learned many of life’s first and toughest lessons in a gym, and grew up believing that life is a team sport. None of us should have to go it alone, and we all do better when we work together. My dad taught me that you don’t quit when you’re down, but you also don’t run up the score just because you can. For too long now, the politicians in Des Moines have been running up the score on everyday Iowans — it’s unsportsmanlike, unstatesmanlike, and just plain wrong.

I believe in a vision for Iowa that honors who we are and always have been. This is my home. I know it to be a place where people care about each other and take care of each other.

Read more about Jen Pellant at her campaign website

Follow Jen on

Follow Jen on Twitter

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Biden Defines Patriotism In Gettysburg Speech

Biden’s speech didn’t get a lot of coverage because of the usual Trump brouhaha. This time, it was Trump’s Covid-19 diagnosis.  But many are calling it one of the great political speeches.

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Vote Early Available Now!

We got our ballots on Monday. We voted at home Tuesday. Wednesday we drove to our county seat and put our ballots in the county’s deposit box. As we did this we observed  that business at that deposit box was pretty heavy for the middle of the day when we saw as many as ten people drop ballots in the box in the three or so minutes we were there.

What we saw was at the deposit box. Most likely there was also a line in the auditor’s office itself. The parking lot was full, which is also unusual. Looks like a huge interest in this year’s election.

Thursday we checked the tracker on the Secretary of State’s website to see if they had been received and entered.

By golly they had been checked in, so it looks like we have voted!

So let me say a couple of things about the process. Sorry if I sound like a recording, but I hope you know just how important your vote is this year.

First off, though it’s been said many times, many ways, HAVE A PLAN! If your are still planning on voting absentee it is time to get going.

Most of us have received several requests for an absentee ballots in the mail. If you haven’t, you can print one off from the Secretary of State’s website.  

Whatever you decide to do, get moving. The completed request needs to go to your local county auditor’s office either by mail, or hand delivered.

Some time in the next week or so, you should get an absentee ballot. Please read the directions before you vote.

After you vote be sure to put the ballot in the secrecy sleeve. Then put the ballot and secrecy sleeve inside the affidavit envelope. Be sure to sign the envelope! This is probably the single biggest mistake voters make.

Reread the instructions to verify that you have followed them. Once you are certain, seal the envelope.

Then you can either mail the ballot or hand deliver them to your county auditor’s office.

If you mail them, the post office recommends posting them before October 24th to give it plenty of time to get there. Remember, The Trump Administration has sabotaged the USPS as part of their plan to steal the election. The mail is till working, just much slower.

If you plan to hand deliver the ballot to your auditor’s office, I believe every county courthouse has a drop box. If you are unsure give the auditor’s office a call. County auditors are linked to from the Secretary of State’s website here:

You have plenty of time. Get going! This is the most important election ever.

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