Debunking All The Joni Ernst Attacks

Theresa Greenfield

This just in from Sam Newton at the Theresa Greenfield campaign.

Hi all – As Politifact is slamming the NRSC’s latest false claim against Theresa Greenfield, that now means every political attack that the NRSC and the Ernst campaign have launched against Theresa on TV since the start of the general election has been debunked by an independent fact check.

If you want to see what a campaign with no message in late July looks like, here’s a rundown of how Senator Ernst and the NRSC have been “grasping at straws” to make up political attacks about Theresa, whether it’s objectively false claims about her business record, position on taxes or her pledge to take zero dimes from corporate PACs.

Unfortunately, it’s likely as Ernst continues to lag in the polls and fundraising, her campaign and allies will only become more desperate and misleading.

Sam Newton
Communications Director
Theresa Greenfield for Iowa
Twitter: @SamNewton

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Reality Check: The 1945 Atomic Bombings

Seventy-five years ago, the nuclear age began with the world’s first nuclear weapons test explosion in the New Mexico desert.

In this annotated “silent film”-style video essay from the Arms Control Association, we learn about the events that transpired three weeks later with the atomic attacks on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

A more detailed history of the geopolitical, environmental, and humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons, the rise of a global disarmament movement, and the work of the hibakusha (survivors of the nuclear attacks) is available in a special free issue of Arms Control Today, available by clicking here.

~The Arms Control Association, founded in 1971, is a national nonpartisan membership organization dedicated to promoting public understanding of and support for effective arms control policies. To learn more, click here to visit their website.

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Hinson Plagiarism Very Troubling


Ist district Congress Woman Abby Finkenuer  photo:

I suppose a person shouldn’t be too surprised that first district Republican congressional candidate Ashley Hinson has been caught plagiarizing from a variety of sources, including her opponent Congress Woman Abby Finkenauer.

Finkenauer has been an excellent congress member for her district. She has fought hard for the working men and women of northeast Iowa. I guess if you are going to steal material from somebody, might as well steal it from someone good.

The Hinson plagiarism story began Monday when the New York Times reported that material on Hinson’s website had been lifted verbatim from sources such as the New York Times, the Des Moines Register and her opponent. According to   

“Ashley Hinson, a GOP candidate for a House seat in Iowa, removed multiple sections from her campaign website on Monday after a New York Times report found several passages appeared to have been taken nearly word-for-word from the Times and other news sources, including The Hill.


Hinson’s campaign website also included “exact passages” from 2019 pieces in the Des Moines Register and The Hill, according to the Times. All of these pages have now been taken down.

Hinson, a state representative in Iowa, is running against Rep. Abby Finkenauer (D-Iowa) in a competitive House race.

In an April op-ed in The Gazette, the state representative used several phrases that had appeared in a CNBC story published days before. Her platform on veterans issues also reportedly included almost the same phrasing as Finkenauer’s platform, The Times reported. “

What was probably just as disturbing as the plagiarism charges is Hinson’s reaction. Like most Republicans instead of taking responsibility for the problem herself, she immediately found a scapegoat. If that doesn’t remind you of Donald Trump I do not know what will. Hinson blamed her problem on her staff. Well, who hired them?

Plagiarism like this is really small scale. But the response to such a discovery can tell the district a lot about how a person will represent their constituents. Like nearly all Republicans today, it appears that when times get tough, Ashley Hinson will be looking for a scapegoat to blame her problems on.


When a political candidate, like Hinson, is accused of plagiarizing campaign-related material, it’s not a reflection on their ethics. They, most likely, did not write the material in question and were unaware of the plagiarism.

However, it is a reflection on how they run their campaign. Publishing content without performing due diligence is very worrisome. Plagiarism detection should be a part of the editing and approval process. If it’s not or the process is so lax that significant and repeated plagiarism slips through the cracks, it is worth noting.

Also expect that will be how Hinson takes her responsibility.

Abby Finkenauer comes from a working class family. She is what the first district needed in 2018 and needs even more today. We have watched as Abby has worked hard for Iowans. She will continue to represent the first district and take responsibility for what she does.

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Sunday Funday: The ADA Is 30 Edition

It is kind of hard to believe that the Americans with Disabilities Act turns 30 today. Written and ushered through congress by Iowa’s own Senator Tom Harkin, the ADA has lowered bars to a full life for those with disabilities. Our family has been greatly helped by the ADA over the years.

My wife had a stroke just after the birth of our second daughter. She had many lifelong effects from the stroke. Fortunately for us the ADA came along to help her deal with what used to be impediments to her mobility and employment. There has been much complaining from businesses who have to comply, but we, and I am sure many others, are very grateful for this legislation. 

So when you see those handicap parking stalls right next to the door and you are tempted to park there “for just a second” remind yourself that there is a reason why those stalls are left vacant for the disabled amongst us. It may be you someday.

Oh wow what a week!

  1. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took to the House floor Thursday to denounce a sexist attack on her by what Florida Republican congress member?
  1. What top-level White House staffer’s grandmother dies of effects of coronavirus? The death was covered up by the White House.
  1. Democratic Headquarters in what state capitol were heavily damaged in an early morning fire Friday?
  1. The mayor of what west coast city was tear gassed by the unidentified troops occupying his city Wednesday?
  1. Protestors in that city are using what lawn tool to return tear gas and and the canisters back to the unidentified troops in that city?
  1. What other group has shown up to act as a barrier between protestors and federal troops in the above city?
  1. Bunker Boy spoke to what world leader Thursday without asking about the bounties being paid to Afghanis to shoot our troops by his country?
  1. A mandatory masking order was put into effect in what major Iowa city by their mayor Tuesday?
  1. On July 28th, 1932 the Bonus Army was routed from its encampment in Anacostia Flats section of Washington, DC. What 3 future WWII heroes led the assault on the Bonus Army?
  1. What Iowa based grocery chain announced they would not require masks for shoppers in their stores?
  1. Extra weekly payments of how much per week ended Friday for unemployed workers as Republican senators dithered on how much to cut pandemic relief aid?
  1. Bunker Boy proudly claimed to score very highly on a a cognition test apparently designed to test for what?
  1. Trying to do a little extra-curricular business while in office, Bunker Boy had his ambassador to what country propose moving a major golf tournament to a Trump property?
  1. Speaker Pelosi had what name for the coronavirus in an appearance on CNN Tuesday?
  1. A high school in Fairfax County, Virginia had its name changed from “Robert E. Lee HS” to honor who Thursday?
  1. 45 years ago next Thursday what American labor leader was last seen getting into a car outside of a restaurant ear Detroit, Michigan?
  1. Some major corruption in Ohio. How much did Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder and his accomplices score by passing a billion dollar plus bailout for nuclear energy plants in Ohio?
  1. What national leader on the coronavirus pandemic revealed that he and his family have been subject to very serious and believable threats?
  1. From the top to zero. What top advertiser on Facebook for the first 6 months of 2020 has cut its advertising to zero because of Facebook’s stance on hate speech?
  1. Which Major League Baseball team had the first on field female coach ever as baseball resumed play Thursday?


  1. Ted Yoho. Yoho has yet to apologize for his remarks
  1. Stephen Miller
  1. Phoenix, Arizona
  1. Portland, Oregon
  1. Leaf blowers
  1. The Wall of Mothers
  1. Vlad Putin
  1. Iowa City. They joined Muscatine as mandatory masked cities in Iowa
  1. General Douglas MacArthur, General Dwight Eisenhower and then Colonel George S. Patton
  1. HyVee
  1. $600
  1. Dementia
  1. The United Kingdom. Trump wanted to government to move the British open to his property at Turnberry.
  1. The Trump virus
  1. Recently deceased congressman and civil rights leader John R. Lewis
  1. Jimmy Hoffa
  1. $61 million
  1. Dr. Anthony Fauci
  1. The Walt Disney Company
  1. San Francisco Giants – Alyssa Nakken
best, worst corona leaders AHNC

Once again a tip of the hat to

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LULAC Condemns Trump Executive Order

Nation’s Leading Latino Civil Rights Organization Calls Excluding Undocumented Immigrants from Census A Denial of Basic Rights

LULAC header

Editor’s note: The Latino population in Iowa is approximately 171,000 and growing daily. Latinos have been instrumental keeping many small towns in Iowa alive.

The following is from an email from LULAC following an executive order from Donald Trump on Wednesday. While the SCOTUS did rule that what Trump proposed was illegal last year, it didn’t stop Trump. The case involved adding a citizenship question to this year’s census. (Department of Commerce v. New York et al.)

Washington, DC – The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) today announced it is taking action against President Trump’s Executive Order issued to block undocumented immigrants from taking part in the U.S. Census referred to as the basis for “Apportionment”.

In signing the order, President Trump said, “I have accordingly determined that respect for the law and protection of the integrity of the democratic process warrant the exclusion of illegal aliens from the apportionment base, to the extent feasible and to the maximum extent of the President’s discretion under the law.”

Domingo Garcia, LULAC National President fired back, “The Executive Order signed by President Trump today is illegal on its face, unconstitutional and plain dumb. LULAC condemns and we are taking steps to keep it from being implemented. It is un-American to deny millions of people living in the United States access to healthcare, education and even representation since the census is how the number of congressional delegates are determined.”

In attempting to justify Trump’s action, the Administration states, “Increasing congressional representation based on the presence of aliens who are not in a lawful immigration status would also create perverse incentives encouraging violations of Federal law. States adopting policies that encourage illegal aliens to enter this country and that hobble Federal efforts to enforce the immigration laws passed by the Congress should not be rewarded with greater representation in the House of Representatives.”

“This is clearly a desperate attempt engineered by Stephen Miller to create a massive undercount. President Trump’s true motive is to silence our voice, our representation, and our power. We will not fall prey to White Supremacy led strategies whose only objective is to suppress immigrants and communities of color. This is a ploy to shift attention from the failure of this administration to protect all Americans from Covid19,” added Sindy M. Benavides, LULAC’s National Chief Executive Officer.

“What President Trump conveniently leaves out is that the hardworking essential workers he’s targeting are also taxpayers with $1.5 trillion in buying power benefiting the U.S. economy every year!” says Garcia. “Bottom line, this Executive Order is playing politics with people’s lives and LULAC will not allow it,” he added.

You may also note that Iowa is one of only 4 states that will give the Department of Commerce information on driver’s licenses and state ID cards so Commerce can try to determine citizenship.


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Loebsack Calls For Information On Virus Outbreak At Meat Plant

Image (2) Dave-Loebsack-Official-240x300.jpg for post 9493

Loebsack Calls on Gov. Reynolds to Provide Information Regarding the Inaccurate Reporting of the Number of COVID-19 Cases at Pork Processing Plant in Columbus Junction

(From Congressman Loebsack’s website)

Loebsack Calls For Information On Virus Outbreak At Meat Plant

Washington, July 24, 2020 | Loebsack Press (202-225-6576) | 0 comments

Congressman Dave Loebsack today sent a letter to Iowa Governor, Kim Reynolds, asking why the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) released the inaccurate number of individuals employed at the Tyson pork processing plant in Columbus Junction who became infected with COVID-19. On May 5th, the IDPH stated that 221 workers at the plant had tested positive for COVID-19. However, recent reports have shown that the IDPH were told prior to their May 5th announcement that the actual number of positive cases was 522. In his letter to Gov. Reynolds, Loebsack asked her office to provide answers about why the incorrect number was initially reported.

“The employees working at these plants play a critical role in maintaining the stability of our nation’s food supply and agricultural sector. I am deeply concerned that by concealing information about the true extent of the virus’ spread, the IDPH only served to further risk the health and safety of these essential workers, and in doing so, the health and safety of their families and the entire surrounding community,” Loebsack wrote to Governor Reynolds. “Iowans deserve access to the truth about the presence of this virus in their communities and their places of work. Concealing this important and necessary information will only put more Iowans at risk and prolong the duration of this pandemic.”

A full copy of the letter and questions from Loebsack can be found below.

Dear Governor Reynolds,

I am writing to express my serious concern regarding recent reports that the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) significantly underreported the number of COVID-19 cases in the Tyson pork processing plant outbreak in Columbus Junction earlier this year. On May 5, 2020, the IDPH confirmed 221 positive COVID-19 cases at the plant, however recent reports indicate that Tyson officials had reported 522 positive cases to the state prior to the May 5th announcement.

The employees working at these plants play a critical role in maintaining the stability of our nation’s food supply and agricultural sector. I am deeply concerned that by concealing information about the true extent of the virus’ spread, the IDPH only served to further risk the health and safety of these essential workers, and in doing so, the health and safety of their families and the entire surrounding community. Our communities must have access to the most accurate, up-to-date information available in order to take the correct steps necessary to slow the spread of the virus and protect as many individuals as possible from contracting this disease.

I respectfully request that your office provide mine with answers to the following questions:

– On what date were IDPH officials made aware that there were 522 positive COVID-19 cases at the Tyson plant in Columbus Junction?

– Have any individuals responsible for the misinformation been held responsible?

– What remedies have been put in place to ensure that outdated or inaccurate numbers will not be reported again?

– Will your administration ensure that all information regarding outbreaks at meat processing facilities is fully accurate, up-to-date, and available to the public on

– It has been reported that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offered on-site assistance on multiple occasions, and assistance was declined in both instances. What data did your administration consult to make these determinations, and what assistance was being offered that you deemed unnecessary?

Iowans deserve access to the truth about the presence of this virus in their communities and their places of work. Concealing this important and necessary information will only put more Iowans at risk and prolong the duration of this pandemic. Thank you, and I look forward to your response.


Dave Loebsack

Iowa’s Second District

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Trump Desperately Needs An Enemy 

Donald Trump is desperately seeking an enemy to do combat with between now and November 3rd. He needs to take on that evergreen political persona of warrior king to boost his chances at once again pulling off a theft of the highest office in the land. Doing that will keep his miserable butt out of jail for another 4 years which may be enough time to exhaust the statute of limitations for many of his crimes.

In Trump’s very confused mind – didn’t he just take the very easy cognitive test and pronounced it very hard? – what many of us would consider America’s real enemies such as North Korea, Russia, China, the coronavirus and fascism are embraced by this administration as apparent friends. China and the coronavirus seem to flip-flop between enemy and friend depending on the diversion needed.

Trump sees coronavirus as a friend? He must – look at all he has done to make sure it blossoms and grows. Pushing hard for reopening the economy way before it was feasible. Interfering with getting tests and PPE to medical personnel while lying at every turn on the progress of his ‘war’ on the virus. War? He surrendered long ago.

Rather than actually do real battle with a true enemy like the coronavirus Trump has taken his desire for a war to people and places that most of us would think of as friends. Places such as America’s own cities. He must have gotten the idea that cities were America’s enemy from Vladimir Putin. 

So Portland and Kansas City have already been invaded. Trump has already named other invasion sites such as Albuquerque, Chicago and New York City. Such actions are unconstitutional but that makes no difference. Republicans have already let it be known that they will let Trump do what he wants. Trump is using this little Ace-in-the-hole to his greatest advantage. We don’t even know what kind of troops are being used in the invasion since they have no identifications. Are they ICE officers? FBI? Some privatized army of Eric Prince’s? No one knows.

One thing we do know is that the federal troops are not there to keep peace, but to try to provoke a response from peaceful protestors. If protests then “turn” violent, the Federal troops, whoever they are, will have the sort of civil rebellion that Trump can suspend laws to put down. Putin would be proud.

Other enemies these days seem to be our own troops in Afghanistan. Trump found out well over 6 months ago that his buddy Putin was paying Afghanis a bounty for shooting American soldiers in Afghanistan. Trump’s reaction to this really disturbing news was to say nothing and let it continue. Why would any American do that? Especially the one person whose office is in charge of our military? 

“Leftists” get a mention as an enemy. Who is a leftist? As with most things Trump, this is also not really defined. From what we can glean it is pretty much anyone who will not vote for Trump. That means there are @ 300 million “leftists” in this country including one time right wingers such as George Will and former president George W. Bush.

According to Trump the most scurrilous of the “leftists” are those described as “anti-fa.” “Anti-fa” is short for anti-fascist. Fascists you may recall were the folks we fought in WWII as leaders such as Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo tried to conquer the world and establish right wing dictatorships. Being anti-fascist was a good thing then and I believe still a good thing today. As I have mentioned many times before my late father-in-law was an anti-fascist. He was a member of a group called the US Army. He practiced his anti-fascism at Omaha Beach on June 6th, 1944.

Anti-fascism is not a physical group as Trump continues to assert. As in my FIL’s day though, I would like to think that the US Army still has anti-fascist traits. The Trump administration stand of being anti-anti-fascist translates into pro-fascists. This seems to be at odds with most of our philosophy of government and society. 

What other enemies have infiltrated our country according to the Trump group. Certainly the black populace. They were brought here against their will to serve as slaves and have had the impertinence to want to be treated as equal human beings. Such ideas must be dealt with.

One other group is immigrants, particularly people of color or non-Christian. That includes a huge amount of people with Latino surnames. In Iowa workers in meat packing plants are heavily Latino. A few months ago such workers were declared essential to keeping the country alive during the early days of the pandemic. But overall, the Trump administration continues battles to keep immigrants out and to try to run those that are here out of the country.

Trump’s hope is that by continual harassment of any and all of these groups there will be an incident that will allow him to show his power. That show of power will then be played up to the media and by the media. Using the media to show him as a powerful leader stopping an “enemy” will then boost his presidential chances.

And if that doesn’t work, there will be the great leadership he showed when, at the very height of the pandemic, he forced school children and teachers back into crowded classrooms. While most of America see classrooms as crowded Petri dishes where the coronavirus will spread like a wild fire in a tinder dry forest, Trump sees it as him being a great leader that Americans will follow.

Killing teachers and our kids does not seem like a good campaign strategy.   


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Rep. Axne, Iowans Speak Up for Seniors Amid Pandemic

Rep. Cindy Axne

This just in from Progress Iowa:

Rep. Cindy Axne, Iowans Speak Up for Seniors Amid Pandemic

Coronavirus, Poor Leadership from Gov. Reynolds Reveals Struggles in Care Centers

(Des Moines, Iowa) — Thursday, Rep. Cindy Axne, Glenn Hurst, Executive Director of Iowa Citizen Action Network Sue Dinsdale, and Citizen Activist Vicky Brenner spoke at a virtual town hall hosted by Protect Our Care, Iowa Voices, Lower Drug Prices Now Iowa, Iowa Alliance for Retired Americans, Iowa Citizen Action Network, and Progress Iowa to prioritize those most affected by coronavirus: those in care centers and seniors. Speakers discussed the impact of the state health department’s decision to withhold information on outbreaks at assisted living facilities and the Reynolds administration’s leniency toward businesses rather than people.

There has never been a more important time to focus on the well being of Iowa’s seniors, especially as individuals older than 60 account for 88% of coronavirus deaths in Iowa. And as care centers saw another rise in outbreaks this week, there are even more concerns for safety.

Speakers discussed the need for transparency and stricter guidelines to protect seniors and individuals in care centers:

“In Iowa where we’re seeing the vast majority of cases and deaths impacting older Iowans, I find it appalling that we’re not pushing testing out to skilled nursing centers, to assisted living, making sure that anybody in the older population has access to testing and has an opportunity to feel they are in a safe environment. I’m adamant to make sure we address these issues, which is why I wrote a letter to the Governor.”
-Representative Cindy Axne

“We have to have a public uprising to say this is not acceptable, these are our parents, these are our friends, these are our neighbors, these are people who have contributed to our communities.
-Representative Cindy Axne

“We need to make sure, at the bare minimum, that we are fully funding Medicaid and fully funding the expense of the care for seniors. These people dedicated their lives to our homes and our communities and to leave them hanging out to dry, in essence, is heartbreaking.”
-Dr. Glenn Hurst

“We face a severe shortage of workers because the system is so broken, and COVID has pushed it over the cliff. My mom and others like her are sitting ducks in a petri dish, and on top of that, the people who care for them are asked to do more and more with fewer resources. Like me, healthcare workers in long term care are broken hearted, angry and overwhelmed.”
-Vicky Brenner

Here is a link to the town hall meeting (43 minutes).

~Progress Iowa is a multi-issue progressive advocacy organization with a network of more than 75,000 progressives. Year-round, Progress Iowa advocates for a stronger middle class, first-class public education, and fairness for all Iowans under the law.

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Institute A Face Covering Mandate

Janice Weiner – Photo Used with Permission

Institute a face covering mandate
A guest post by Janice Weiner

As a city council member, I took an oath to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution and the Constitution of the State of Iowa. The Iowa Constitution’s Bill of Rights states in part, “Government is instituted for the protection, security, and benefit of the people …”.

The best way to honor that oath and save lives and livelihoods, especially those disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 — Black people, Latinx, people of color, low-wage and essential workers — is to institute a face covering mandate. Per Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Robert Redfield, if 80 percent or more of people wore a face covering, we could crush transmission in six weeks.

Face coverings will save our economy, which cannot recover until and unless we beat COVID.

They will help our schools, families and children. The Iowa City Community School District voted this week to start the school year entirely online — not because they don’t want in-person instruction, but because it is imperative to keep people safe. This is a huge flashing red light.

How did we get here? In my view, those in government best suited to confront this health emergency did not do their job.

The federal government failed to nationalize the PPE and testing supply chains. And our governor has told us to learn to live with COVID and calls on Iowans to exercise personal responsibility, in the face of what is arguably the most serious health and safety threat in our lifetime. It is as if she had said to us: Who needs traffic laws and regulations? Let people drive whatever speed they want; leave intersections uncontrolled and lanes unmarked — we trust Iowans to act responsibly, although their choices will impact others.

The COVID result: We now must quarantine even if we want to travel to Chicago and our passports are virtually worthless. Processed pork has greater freedom of movement than we do.

The responsibility to ensure the health, safety and welfare of our residents has devolved to local government. We did not ask for it — but we are public servants.

Mandating face coverings will support businesses whose owners may be reluctant to act alone, though they have the right to do so on private property. Enforcement can focus on signage and proprietors’ efforts to implement the requirement. Businesses can hand out PPE that governmental entities help fund and ask customers to leave (or use takeout) if they opt not to wear a face covering, even when offered gratis.

Governors and mayors across the country are issuing face covering mandates as their case numbers spike; major businesses are, too. The best time to act was a month ago when our numbers ticked up. The next best time is now.

The best way to act is together — united across cities and counties to crush the curve and halt transmission of COVID-19 so lives, livelihoods and businesses can resume, as has been done in so many places around the world. Yes, we can, too.

~ Janice Weiner serves on the Iowa City Council. A version of this post appeared in the July 17, 2020 Cedar Rapids Gazette. Re-posted here with permission of the author.

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No Time To Spare -103 Days Until Nov. 3

The Nov. 3 general election is 103 days out. Buckle your seat belt. It’s going to be a bumpy ride to the polls closing.

Twitter maven Caroline Orr said it about as well as anyone. Her advice seems solid.

I noticed the number of trolls on my social media posts increased this year. Every day I block some alleged Twitter newcomer with a computer generated name, zero tweets and few followers. I don’t know who creates these bots and encourages the trolls but a basic user lesson is don’t feed them. They are trying to distract us. THIS ELECTION IS NOT ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIA ANYWAY. IT’S ABOUT VOTING!

Electing Donald Trump was a mistake. The challenge for reasonable people is answering the question what are we going to do about it? I understand the idea of resisting the Trump administration. It was a natural response to the hell hole of his inaugural address. Three and a half years into his first term it is now time for a counter attack. We must block his path to a second term.

The Trump administration is like riding a Tilt-A-Whirl whose anchoring has come loose. We love the ride for perverse reasons yet for all the crazy he and his enablers are dishing, we’re not the crazy ones. We’re not gullible enough to swallow it, especially after 2016.

During the election campaign, the Republican online goal is to disrupt people using internet applications to build bonds among real people in opposition to the president and his enablers. Chaos and confusion? Don’t get sucked into it by asserting a correction or condemnation to trolls. They want to distract you any way they can. Feeding the trolls with your attention serves their purpose, not ours. According to historian Michael Beschloss FDR said during the World War II national effort, “Lost ground can always be regained – lost time never!” 103 days from Nov. 3 we have no time to spare with trolls or other Republican sourced intended distractions.

The coalition that elects Joe Biden president will be on a spectrum that runs from Angela Davis to Bill Kristol. If we can get over the goal line don’t expect such a coalition to hold together. Republicans will go back to being their normal selves and Democrats can’t rest on our laurels. There will be difficult work to be done re-inventing American society to be better after the coronavirus pandemic and finding our place in the world again.

What we know now is more people acknowledge electing Trump has been a mistake. We are on the crest of a wave of enormous non-partisan energy to vote Donald Trump out of office. We can’t be distracted from our number one task to help build that wave until the general election. After the election results are certified by the Congress we can take some time off. Not much though. There will be plenty of work for everyone to do.

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