How Will We Stop Republican Election Stealing In 2020?

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All good liars know how to cover their actions by accusing others of what they themselves are doing.  For example, a spouse who is cheating covers with constant displays of jealousy and accusations of his or her spouse cheating. It’s a time honored and common method liars use to throw everyone off the scent and keep them from seeing what’s really going on.

Thom Hartmann speaks with Greg Palast who has been largely responsible for exposing Republican efforts to suppress voting all the while screaming about voter fraud.

Check out Palast’s books on Republican election stealing on Amazon.


Click on the image to buy this book on Amazon

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Elizabeth Warren “You Don’t Get What You Don’t Fight For”

Elizabeth Warren announced her candidacy for President of the United States in February in Lawrence, Massachusetts.  This paragraph characterizes the central theme of her candidacy and serves to explain in common language what has happened to America.

It started very quietly. The richest and most powerful people in America – they were rich – I mean really rich – but they wanted to be even richer and they didn’t care who got hurt. So every year, bit by bit, they lobbied Washington and paid off politicians to tilt the system just a little more in their direction. And year by year, bit by bit, more of the wealth and opportunity went to the people at the very top. And that is how today in the richest country in the history of the world, tens of millions of people are struggling to get by.

Warren chose to open her speech with a nod to unions and workers and the story of the Lawrence, Massachusetts textile strike of 1912, also known as the Bread and Roses strike, a strike of immigrant workers led by the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).

“These women didn’t even have a common language… nevertheless, they persisted…These workers did more than improve their own lives. They changed America.  Like the women of Lawrence, we are here to say enough is enough.”

This is a wonderful speech, packed with inspiration, information and loaded with sensible policy ideas.  As I have watched her on the campaign trail she sticks to the themes presented here and it serves as the blueprint of her campaign.

This speech is wonky but not boring or preachy. Filled with inspirational, funny anecdotes that have served to define her, she displays her sense of humor and seemingly boundless energy as well as her ability and willingness to fight.

I stand before you today courtesy of three bags of M and Ms and a cooperative toddler. And since that day I’ve never let anyone tell me that anything is too hard. How they have tried…

The textile workers here in Lawrence more than 100 years ago won this fight because they refused to be divided. Today we gather on those same streets ready to be united again. This is our moment in history, the moment we are called to. The moment to dream big, fight hard and win.

Music:  Aretha Franklin – RESPECT.


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Reps. King, Finkenauer and Axne Sign Bipartisan Letter Urging Congress To Delay Cuts to Hospitals Serving Vulnerable Populations

Image (1) progress-iowa.jpg for post 17381For Immediate Release: May 23, 2019

Contact: Matt Sinovic, (515) 423-0133

In Case You Missed It:

DSH Program Essential for Iowa’s Hospitals

Des Moines, Iowa – Last week, 302 members of the House of Representatives sent a  bipartisan letter to Congressional leaders calling for a delay in cuts to the Medicaid Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) program. Three of Iowa’s four representatives, including Democrats and Republicans, signed the letter.

The Medicaid DSH program provides vital support to Iowa hospitals that serve a disproportionate number of Medicaid beneficiaries and uninsured patients. The DSH program is essential to ensuring that such hospitals can continue to serve low-income patients who don’t have private insurance.

“In treating those who have nowhere else to turn, these hospitals incur uncompensated costs…Medicaid DSH payments allow them to continue serving our constituents and communities,” the letter reads.

According to the Medicaid and CHIP Payment and Access Commission (MACPAC), if the cuts are implemented, Iowa hospitals could lose $6.6 million the first year and double that number the following year. Industry experts warn that the proposed cuts to the program are unsustainable for struggling safety net hospitals, especially in rural areas, and could force some of them to reduce services or even close their doors.

The full letter can be read here.

 Signees include:

  • Rep. Abby Finkenauer
  • (D, IA-01)
  • Rep. Cindy Axne (D,
  • IA-03)
  • Rep. Steve King (R,
  • IA-04)
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Bernie Sanders: Fighting For Every Citizen

NBC News, MSNBC and Telemundo will host the first 2020 presidential primary debate in June of 2019. This is the tenth in a series of BFIA’s coverage and commentary of the announcement speeches by the declared Democratic candidates for president for 2020 in no particular order.  To view the previous candidate announcement posts type the candidate’s name in the search box on this page.

Because of a valiant underdog fight for the presidency in the 2016, Bernie Sanders is one of the four or five best known politicians in this country. Therefore we won’t need to spend a lot of time describing Sanders nor analyzing his policy positions. Both are probably about as well known as anyone’s profile and policies are known in this country.

The main point of Sanders policies is that he fights for the little guy, no matter the race, creed, color, sex, gender, sexual orientation, age or any other factor. Sanders has always been a man of the people. His focus on justice and equality for all has led him to embrace policies that are very popular among average citizens.

Sanders is in many respects the candidate whose policies and idealism reaches back to the days of FDR and the New Deal. In pursuit of his ideals, Sanders has taken on some of the most sacred cows in our current society – the extremely wealthy, the corporations, The oil companies, the prison industry, the insurance companies and the education industry much as FDR took on the sacred cows of his day. Many of these sacred cows have not changed.

For some, Sanders vision of the future in which the government is of the people, by the people and especially for the people is almost too much to imagine. When you listen to Sanders for a little bit, you understand that yes, it can be done and we will all benefit.

In 2016 Sanders had a nearly empty area to exploit on the left in America. Many others have moved over to join him this time. This is good for the country and for the Democratic Party. The competition will help create new ideas and help bring more and more to the ideals of candidates like Bernie Sanders.

Even if he doesn’t win, Sanders re-awakening of the left in this country has been a great service to the country. 

As you listen to Sanders it becomes very clear that the lessons of his youth as a lower middle class family have shaped his beliefs of today. As he says, he knows where he came from!

The contrast between the current president and Bernie Sanders would be about as stark as the contrast between any two candidates has ever been. One who exploits and refuses to pay workers against one who has walked picket lines. 

Sanders would be a leader who truly paid his dues.

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Sunday Funday: Vetoing Medical Marijuana Edition

kim reynolds

hard to see forward with your eyes closed

Far sighted Kim Reynolds once again had a chance to bring a bit of Iowa into the 21st century by signing a bill to expand the use of medical marijuana in Iowa. Instead she used her governor’s ability to see into the future. Rather than seeing individuals whose pain or medical problem is relieved by medical marijuana she sees an Iowa ravaged by the scourge of cannabis as pointed out to her no doubt by representatives of the Pharma and alcohol industries.

The Iowa state drug czar (did Putin pick this czar?) claimed “there’s “limited scientific consensus” about the medicinal benefits of cannabis and the governor made a prudent decision.” One has to wonder if he or she was advised of this “limited scientific consensus” by the barkeeper at their favorite watering hole. Claiming that marijuana may be harmful while continuing to sell alcohol and nicotine is sure ass backward.

Once again Iowa has been saved from the scourge of pain relief by leaders who are truly the pain in the rear.

  1. What was the name on that ship that the Navy had to cover so that Dear Leader would not have a temper tantrum if he should accidentally see it?
  1. Memorial Day is a somber day of remembrance of US war dead. Where was Dear Leader for Memorial Day?
  1. What former member of Dear Leader’s staff faced an “existential crisis” on whether or not to comply with congressional subpoenas?
  1. June 6th will be the 75th anniversary of the Allies invasion of Europe. Who was the head of the D-Day invasion for the Allies?
  1. What leading Allie general was used as a decoy to draw German soldiers to believe the invasion of Europe would happen at Pas-de-Calais and not Omaha Beach?
  1. What leading figure in Russia election sabotage investigation gave an unexpected news briefing Wednesday morning?
  1. At the Harvard commencement Thursday, what world leader offered a thinly veiled major criticism of Dear Leader’s policies?
  1. For the 3rd time in 2 weeks a compromise disaster relief bill passed overwhelmingly by both houses of congress has been blocked by a member of what group?
  1. As of Friday what state was on the verge of having its only abortion clinic shut down?
  1. With just short of 1000 new cases just this year what once nearly eradicated childhood disease has already hit a 27 year high for a year?
  1. According to Rep. Adam Schiff “There is an epidemic of “ what in the GOP?
  1. June 5th, 1968, what leading US political figure was assassinated in Los Angeles?
  1. What major international leader will be stepping down as prime Minister of her country next Friday?
  1. Senate Leader McConnell publicly switched his position on the appointment of what position in a presidential election year?
  1. June 7th, 1965, in Griswold v. Connecticut the Supreme Court upheld a married couple’s right to do what?
  1. The Supreme Court last week upheld Indiana’s law that requires the burial or cremation of what?
  1. Hugh Culverhouse, Jr. has asked for the return of his $21.5 million donation to the Alabama University system over what new Alabama state policy?
  1. What ultra rich woman pledged to donate half of her fortune to charity Tuesday?
  1. The cost to Dayton, Ohio to provide protection to the 9 members of the Ku Klux Klan for their demonstration a week ago Saturday was what?
  1. What company is being sued by the state of Oklahoma for its role in making the opioid crisis in that state?

John Fugelsang on Twitter:

In 2018, every one of the 50 extremist killings in the US tracked by the ADL was committed by a man w/ties to a right-wing extremist group. White supremacists were responsible for 78% of them. And if one of them leaked WH secrets while murdering ppl maybe Trump would mention it.


  1. The John McCain. Dear leader loses another on to a dead gut.
  1. Japan
  1. Hope Hicks
  1. Gen. Eisenhower
  1. Gen. Patton
  1. Robert Mueller
  1. Angela Merkel
  1. A Republican member of the House.
  1. Missouri
  1. Measles
  1. Cowardice
  1. Robert F. Kennedy
  1. Theresa May
  1. Supreme Court Justice. Suddenly it is ok for a president to appoint a justice in an election year.
  1. Practice birth control
  1. A fetus
  1. Alabama’s strict abortion law.
  1. McKenzie Bezos
  1. $650,000
  1. Johnson and Johnson

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—The House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, took advantage of Donald Trump’s storming out of an Oval Office meeting on Wednesday to hide the nuclear codes, Pelosi has confirmed.

Moments after Trump threw a tantrum and abruptly left his own office, the quick-thinking Pelosi turned to Senator Charles Schumer, who was also present for the meeting, and said, “Chuck, we’ve got to find those nuclear codes and hide them.”

Pelosi and Schumer ransacked the Oval Office for the codes until Pelosi finally located them in a desk drawer under a pile of empty Quarter Pounder containers from McDonald’s.

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Show Trials Coming?

We never know who exactly is the person to watch to try to see which way the wind in blowing in Dear Leader’s administration. Cabinet secretaries have announced policy only to have their announcements cut off at the knees the very next day. Other times people not affiliated with the administration make statements that suddenly seem to clarify administration direction.

In the vein of that latter instance, we have a very angry former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski going on Fox’s Lou Dobbs show the other night to claim that the counter investigation now being conducted by Attorney General William Barr will result in trials early next year for Dear Leader’s political enemies.

In case you have missed this chapter in school, charging your political enemies with trumped up charges followed by a very public trial to prove that the courts are “fair” and the Leader has indeed been wronged are standard fair for blossoming dictatorships. The next step is a conviction and then usually a very public execution.

In this case, threatening to hit his “enemies” with arrest and trial is no doubt in anticipation of a potential impeachment hearing. Hit your enemies ten times harder that he hits you has long been Dear Leader’s philosophy. Illegally using the the power and tools of the state to do his dirty work only enhances the reason to do it.

Not saying anything like that will happen, but the foreshadowing by Lewandowski is enough to send a chill up the spines of those who have in any way experienced dictatorships. From Michael Tomasky at last Friday:

Here’s the transcript, although you really have to study his face and eyes and hear his voice to get the full Weimar effect: “They should be fearful, and I’ll tell you why. The person who has gotten a pass on this so far is Joe Biden. Because I believe that the investigation which was launched came from somewhere inside the White House to greenlight Clapper, Comey, and Brennan to start this investigation into Donald Trump for no valid reason. We now know the State Department, we’ve seen the contemporaneous emails that were put into place after Victoria Nuland did a meeting with Christopher Steele, then notified the FBI this person had no credibility. But it continued. Because it came from the highest levels of the government.

“And Joe Biden has not answered what he knew and when he knew it of how this investigation began. And when Attorney General Barr and Mr. Horowitz release that report in approximately a month I think we’re gonna see additional criminal referrals, with McCabe getting another referral, Comey a referral, Strzok and Page, James Baker, possibly Bruce Orr, and other people we haven’t even meant [sic] as household names yet—but criminal referrals. And I think what we’re gonna see, Gregg, is in March or April of next year, Jamey Comey, Andy McCabe, Strzok and Page will be on trial for the crimes they have committed against the Fourth Amendment, against this president, and we can’t wait.”

“Gregg” was Gregg Jarrett, sitting in for Lou Dobbs; he added helpfully as Lewandowski was winding down that John Brennan and James Clapper were due for their time in the barrel as well.


But the second part of the rant was even more chilling. The plan here is to wait for the report from the Justice Department inspector general (that’s Horowitz) to hit next month, pry whatever passages they can out of that report to go on Pravda TV, and stitch together the appearance of a vast, deep state conspiracy to take Trump down.

If this plays out the way that many revenge minded Republicans believe it will, certain Democratic Party leaders (Biden in particular) and others that Dear Leader, Barr and Horowitz deem as “enemies” will be charged and be in the justice system around March or April next year. This is one of the reasons that the Senate majority Republicans and the administration have been so laser beam focused on confirming federal court judges.

Having these trials next spring will open up a lot of possibilities for the administration such as accusing Democrats in general of treason, opening further investigations and perhaps even bringing in to question the 2020 election. Refusing to leave office after an election that the administration claims is fixed is also a good possibility. 

These possibilities may seem far-fetched, but so much of what has already happened during this administration is far-fetched. Children in cages at the border, who ever thought that would happen in America? NATO on the verge of collapse as the government spurns our friends and embraces enemies such as Russia. A president who gave state secrets to Russian agents in the Oval Office to show he was their buddy right after he fired James Comey. Who could have imagined.

There is one other aspect that Mr. Tomasky didn’t delve into. That is the total acquiescence of Republican elected and appointed officials in the face of all this. One, count them – One Republican has dared stand up in a meaningful way to Dear Leader in all the outrageous policies and shenanigans that the administration has been involved in. That of course is Justin Amash, congressman from Michigan, who has called for Dear Leader to be impeached. That is one elected official out of what – thousands around the country. 

The fact that anyone over the age of 12 could believe anything the con man in chief says is a pitiful statement on critical thinking skills in this country. The fact that a whole party not only believes, but also follows and publicly defends his lies is scary. Anyone who believes such a con man seems too dumb to hold office. Yet we have a near majority of voters who gladly vote for people who promise to vote for this fool.

Those members of what has become the Trumpets Party have said nothing, nada, about the Barr investigation and the coming fiasco of show trials. Lindsey Graham has even called for these investigations to commence from his mighty position as chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, just in case you thought age coming trials are a product of some fevered imagination.

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Wear Orange Weekend Next Weekend!

wear orange

Everytown For Gun Safety sponsoring Wear Orange Weekend

From the Everytown email:

I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss your chance to sign up for a Wear Orange weekend event for June 7th – June 9th! We’re now at over 700 (!!) events nationwide to raise awareness about gun violence and honor all those affected by gun violence in America. RSVP now and don’t miss out on the BIGGEST Wear Orange weekend yet!

And don’t forget to wear the color orange on June 7th!

Thanks for being part of the movement,

Noelle Howey

Director of Cultural Engagement

Everytown for Gun Safety

Wow, wow, wow. Wear Orange weekend (June 7-9) is already BIG. Nearly 3,000 people have joined more than 600 community events across the country for Wear Orange weekend — to make a statement we gather to show that Americans are unified in the effort to end gun violence.

Are you ready to help make this the biggest Wear Orange ever? Join a community event near you and help our movement honor those shot and killed or wounded, and all those affected by gun violence in America:

IA-Iowa City- WEAR ORANGE Farmer’s Market
Saturday, June 8th, 7:30 a.m.
Iowa City Farmer’s Market

Iowa City, IA


IA-Iowa City -Wear Orange Proclamation
Tuesday, June 4th, 7:00 p.m.
Iowa City, City Hall

Iowa City, IA


IA-Iowa City -Hope Lodge Meal
Monday, June 3rd, 6:15 p.m.
Hope Lodge

Iowa City, IA


On Friday June 7, National Gun Violence Awareness Day, we kick off #WearOrange weekend by wearing orange and sharing online. Then, through the weekend we’ll come together for community events all around the country.

The color orange has a long and proud history in the gun violence prevention movement. Whether it’s worn by hunters, Moms, or students across the country, orange honors the 100 live cut short and the hundreds more wounded by gun violence every day. Be a part of the #WearOrange movement by joining an event on Wear Orange weekend!

Other events in Iowa:

ia-cedar rapids-wear orange event

Cedar Rapids Public Library

450 5th Ave SE

Cedar Rapids, IA 52401


Saturday, June 8, 3:30 PM

ia-cedar vally-wear orange

Waterloo Urban Farmer’s Market


Waterloo, IA 50701


Saturday, June 8, 8:00 AM

ia – des moines – proclamation

Des Moines City Hall

400 Robert D Ray Dr

Des Moines, IA 50309


Monday, June 3, 4:00 PM

ia- sioux city- wear orange proclamation

Sioux City City Hall

405 6th St

Sioux City, IA 51101


Monday, June 3, 4:00 PM

nebraska students demand action wear orange

Nebraska Student Demands

Private Location–Info Provided Once Con

Omaha, NE 68142


Sunday, June 9, 12:00 PM

(Includes Council Bluffs)

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Grassley, Ernst Gently “Urge” Against More Disastrous Tariffs

Image (1) joni-ernst-and-chuck.jpg for post 35995

Dear Leader once more unilaterally announced tariffs as a method to combat something he doesn’t like. This time Dear Leader announced more tariffs against Mexico in a misguided attempt to force Mexico to control our immigration. 

Pretty much every one who knows anything about international trade note that these tariffs will not be paid for by Mexico but by US consumers in higher prices, especially for cars. Another unadvertised feature will most likely be retaliatory trade restrictions aimed at midwest farm products, which means Iowa corn and soybeans.

Iowa’s Trump loving senators, Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst once again failed to really stand up for Iowa’s farmers. Instead of actually doing something like proposing to assert congress’s power on tariffs, Grassley and Ernst chose instead to issue statements “urging” Dear Leader not to impose these ill thought out tariffs.   

Rather than standing up to this dumb policy and responding in way that will protect their constituents, Grassley and Ernst stood up, turned in the general direction of the White House and shook their fists. I am sure that will teach Dear Leader a lesson.

As if previous bad tariff policies and horrible weather haven’t hit Iowa’s farmers hard enough.

Remember this when Ernst asks for your vote next year.

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When Mueller Said “Every American” He Was Talking About Trump

“Russian intelligence officers who are part of the Russian military, launched a concerted attack on our political system. There were multiple systematic efforts to interfrere in our election. And that allegation deserves the attention of every American.”  – Robert Mueller

This is laugh out loud hilarious.

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Two Grassleys And An Ernst

There will be two Grassley town halls this week, today and tomorrow.  Ernst event is on Friday.  Details below, thanks to Progress Iowa.  If you can go, ask questions and get video.

Message from Progress Iowa

Senators Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst are back in Iowa and we think they need a crash course in Iowa values.

Can you come to one of their town halls in Ottumwa, Centerville, or Logan and remind them who they’re supposed to represent in Congress? (Hint: it’s Iowans, not the gun lobby or the President.)


Grassley Town Hall – Ottumwa

Thursday, May 30 at 9:45 AM – 10:45 AM

105 E 3rd St,

Ottumwa, IA 52501 



Grassley Town Hall  – Centerville

Friday, May 31 at 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM

Appanoose County Courthouse, 201 N 12th

St, Centerville, Iowa 52544




Ernst Town Hall – Logan

Friday, May 31 at 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM

Logan Community Center, 108 W 4th St,

Logan, Iowa 51546

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