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Iowa's Campaign to Stop Nuclear Power

Nuclear Neighborhoods: 11,000 Generations Prepared remarks delivered by Paul Deaton at the Iowa City Public Library on the 68th Anniversary of Hiroshima, Aug. 6, 2013. Thank you Maureen McCue for the kind introduction. I want to recognize some of our … Continue reading

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Vilsack's Energy Policy Legacy

Does Tom Vilsack’s 2007 consulting agreement with MidAmerican Energy matter any more? It does, but not in the way conservative pundits characterized it, as a form of political corruption, after President Obama appointed Vilsack to his current job as secretary … Continue reading

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Don't put Iowa's Farmers at Risk from Costly Nuclear Power

by Francis Thicke As we approach the first anniversary of the earthquake, tsunami and ensuing nuclear tragedy in Japan, it is a fitting time to remember the human costs after several nuclear reactors melted down in Fukushima. Hundreds of thousands … Continue reading

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NRC: Iowa's Hero or Villain?

During Iowa’s debate over HF 561, an act relating to the permitting, licensing, construction and operation of nuclear generating facilities, it seems unclear whether the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is a villain or a hero. Proponents of nuclear power have … Continue reading

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Mid-America Bill “Largest Fleecing Of Iowa Consumers In State’s History”

The following is an Iowa View column published in the Des Moines Register “If passed by the Iowa Senate, the law would provide an opening for what will effectively be the largest publicly-sanctioned, but privately-imposed, fleecing of Iowa consumers in … Continue reading

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Nuclear Power – 'Off the Table'

MidAmerican Energy made it clear today that if HF 561, or some form of it, does not become law, nuclear power will be “off the table” in Iowa and the electric utility will deal with it by increasing their use … Continue reading

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Natural Disasters In The U.S. And Nuclear Power: Why Iowans Are Getting Involved

The Iowa Legislature is considering enacting a law to subsidize the nuclear power industry this session. Let’s Get Together, Act and SHUT DOWN this Legislation “Natural Disasters in the U.S. and Nuclear Power” is the topic of a talk by … Continue reading

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For Everyday Iowans the Game is Rigged

That former Iowa Senator Swati Dandekar was a lapdog for certain public utilities became clear while I was listening to the House of Representatives debate HF 561 in the gallery earlier this year. HF 561 is what is called a … Continue reading

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