How You Can Help Fortify Democracy’s Firewall

Wisconsin is Democracy’s firewall.   If you can, please consider a donation.

Earlier today, along with our partners in the grassroots, we announced something truly amazing: In just one month, in just 30 days, in less than half the time granted, your strength and determination has helped us collect more than 507,000 signatures to recall Scott Walker. We are now well on our way to beating our internal goal of collecting more than 720,000 signatures!

Watch the video of our special announcement and make a grassroots donation of $10 right now to help recall and replace Scott Walker:

Some perspective on a half-million. In Wisconsin this means:

  • Filling Lambeau Field to capacity nearly 7 times.
  • Filling Miller Park more than 11 times.
  • Filling Camp Randall to capacity 6 times.
  • It’s three times the attendance of Oktoberfest in La Crosse.
  • It’s nearly 5 times more than CranFest in Monroe County.
  • It’s nearly 42 times the attendance at the Lumberjack Championship in Hayward.
  • And it’s about 10,000 more people than the annual gate at Noah’s Ark in Wisconsin Dells.

Watch our special announcement and make a donation of $10 right now.

You have done amazing things in this grassroots movement, but now is not the time to get complacent or take a single petition for granted. Scott Walker and the Koch brothers are counting on us to rest on our laurels and let their corporate cash lull us to sleep in false confidence.

I know you won’t let them.

We’d like to fill Lambeau Field a few more times to send a message that Scott Walker has seriously misjudged the people of Wisconsin. We’d like to fill Camp Randall a few more times to show the Koch Brothers that Wisconsin can’t be bought and Wisconsin will fight when you attack her values.

Thank you for your help and support with this amazing accomplishment. Let’s keep working to bring the ball over the goal line because Wisconsin just can’t wait.

We will recall and replace Scott Walker.

Thank you,

Mike Tate
Chair, Democratic Party of Wisconsin

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