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Approach To Voting Tells How Parties View Democracy

One of the quickest and easiest ways to judge how the two major parties in this country view the very fundamental concept of democracy is to simply see how they treat voters. As usual, we see Democrats busting their butts … Continue reading

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Iowa Needs State Senators Brase And Courtney Returned

Don’t Forget Those State Races When You Vote! You can vote early now, so let’s get it done! Don’t forget that much of the impetus for the downgrading of American lifestyles has come from politicians not at the national level, … Continue reading

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Are You Registered To Vote?

While making calls for Hillary the other day from a list of what was supposed to be registered voters I was surprised that I ran across an unregistered voter. He was purposely unregistered and was not planning to vote. Hopefully, … Continue reading

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Voter Suppression Laws Overturned; Revives Memories Of Matt Schultz

Water carrier for the radical right attempted to unilaterally suppress voters in Iowa. Friday was a red letter day for those who have vigorously opposed the spate of voter suppression laws that sprung up around the country following the Supreme … Continue reading

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The Real Reason For Republican Voter ID Laws


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Disenfranchised Voters During Primaries Bode Trouble For The GE

In what is supposed to be a democracy – heck, this is supposed to be THE democracy – we are once again witnessing troubling signs that the very essence of that democracy, the vote, is rotten. Throughout the primary and … Continue reading

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Republicans Prep For 2016: Suppressing The Vote

video 10 minutes 30 seconds Republicans have known for a long, long time that they win when they suppress the vote. Below is a video in one of the seminal moments in the history voter suppression. Paul Weyrich reminding the … Continue reading

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How To Pick A Secretary Of State

Previous BFIA posts on the topic: Iowa-gop-continues-post-election-voter-harassment-efforts Voter-intimidation-in-iowa-public-hearings-thursday Iowa-secretary-of-state-matt-schultz-may-be-held-accountable-for-voter-purging Contrasting-our-sos-candidates A note from the Anderson for Iowa campaign: By now you’ve probably heard in the news about the growing number of controversies and scandals from Secretary of State Matt Schultz’s … Continue reading

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Sunday Hodgepodge

Should this be The Permanent Democratic Platform? from January 11,1944 but still fresh and still not fulfilled. When the next war ends….. Seeing The Light note to Matt Schultz: It is just as true here as in Wisconsin! In Memory … Continue reading

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The Courtney Report

As a member of the State Government Committee, I participated in a meeting with Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz. We wanted to know how three valid Iowa ballots in the 2012 election ended up not being counted. What we’ve … Continue reading

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