Voter Suppression Laws Overturned; Revives Memories Of Matt Schultz

Those in power do not always work for the good of the people

Those in power do not always work for the good of the people

Water carrier for the radical right attempted to unilaterally suppress voters in Iowa.

Friday was a red letter day for those who have vigorously opposed the spate of voter suppression laws that sprung up around the country following the Supreme Court’s 2013 decision in Shelby County v. Holder.

In rulings across the country, parts or all of restrictive voting laws were struck down in North Carolina, Wisconsin and Kansas. Unfortunately there are still many more states with similar laws that need to looked at.

Right now Iowa is not one of these states. It is not because there hasn’t been an effort by Republicans to join the club. So far the only thing that has really put the brakes on such an effort is the control of the Iowa senate by Democrats. Were we to see the Republicans take over the senate this fall you can bet that a voter suppression law would not be far behind.

Even though Iowa has one of the more homogeneous populations in the country, we do have those who present Republicans with problems such as students, immigrants and some elderly. Yet another big reason to make sure you get out this year and vote for Democrats – you may want to vote again in the next election.

Voter suppression cases always spawn memories of Matt Schultz and his infamous attempt to suppress votes in Iowa single handedly when the legislature wouldn’t cooperate. So Schultz took it on himself to suppress the vote. Spending some $250,000 of our money Schultz was hell bent on finding voter fraud. And he found next to nothing coming up with only six arrests out of 1.6 million votes cast. He started by attempting to block 3,582 foreign nationals but hat was blocked by a court order.

This was a total waste of taxpayer money and state resources. Schultz seemed to think he was on some sort of a crusade to rid the voting system of a cancer. In truth what he turned up were a few former felons whose voting rights had once had a blanket restoration under Tom Vilsack but were unaware that Terry Branstad had rescinded that restoration.

If there is voting problems in Iowa it rests in our aging voting machines that are vulnerable to hacking. If you don’t think hacking is a major problem then you have missed much of this weeks headlines as Democrats have had at least 3 of their computer systems hacked. If these newer systems can be so easily hacked then our creaky voting machines are probably a piece of cake to hack.

What Schultz did prove was that the Republican’s wet dream of fraudulent voting is a myth, especially in Iowa. But as long as the corporate media continues to misdirect the public, real problems in our voting systems – the increasingly vulnerable voting machine – are being ignored.

Schultz also proved that there is no shortage of Republicans in positions of authority who will do nearly anything for their party to win elections, no matter what.

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